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10 Modern Rustic Dining Table Ideas

Rustic dining tables have their own charm with their unpolished surface. The rustic dining tables can be made from used materials, recycled items to make it ecological. If you do not intend to spend extra money on changing the look of the place then you should stick to the rustic look. You can make old furniture in your dining room look new and modern by painting them with the colour that you like to match with the colour scheme of your dining room.   It is cheap way of having a freshly revamped Modern Rustic Dining Table and furniture..

Modern paintings with wooden flooring or carpeted area are the look behind all the rustic dining area with tables and chairs. For some splash of colours chairs are coated with a colourful material or some sofas are kept nearby.

1.White Wooden Dining Room With A Round Table
White wooden round table with two white chairs of faded colour and parts of wood visible from inside does not make the look a tad bit bad. In an open space with shutters the dining table looks different.

2.White,Grey Wooden Dining Room with A rectangular Dining Table
Rectangular wooden table which is completely unpolished with polished wooden chairs, rustic cabinets make the dining zone look like a stable yard straight from the cowboy film.

3.Elegant Dining Room With A Tree Trunk Dining Table


Tree trunk dining table with blue legs of the table and silver trolley like chairs make it a total contemporary look. With a mesh like tray spread on the table and lights hanging from the top gives it a natural feel to it.

4.White Dining Room With A Brazen Dining Table
Brazen dining table with white inverted chair though is a complete mismatch but with the white cabinet and a bench in the corner makes it somewhat conjoined with the surrounding.

5.White And Grey Wooden Dining Room With Unpolished Rectangular Wooden Table
Unpolished rectangular wooden table with sofa like chairs makes it very comfortable. Mirrors, big candles on the top, white flowers complete the look of the living room as well as the dining room.

6.Cream,Dark Wooden Dining Room With Unpolished Rectangular Wooden Table
A small rectangular wooden unpolished table with off white chairs and silver legs in a crisscross manner gives a modern look to the place. Wooden flooring with a snug little place and white round spike shaped light hangs from the ceiling.

7.White,Brown Wooden Dining Room With A Round Dining Table
Round table top of rustic variant with white covered chairs on wooden flooring with white painted fireplace and chandelier gives a royal look. View from the top gives an oriental look to the place.

8.Rustic Dining Room With A Plastic Dining Table
Plastic dining table looks like a glass table top with colorful transparent coloured plastic glass of green, red, yellow, blue and white chairs flowers arranged on the table and shabby walls is in sync with the romantic feel of the area.

9.White And Grey Wooden Dining Room With Unpolished Brazen Dining Table
For a garden dining zone unpolished and brazen look of the dining table with two benches on the opposite side gives it a fresh look despite of the set not being polished and colourful. Wheel fitted on the two lamps of the table completes the place.

10.White Wooden Dining Room With A Semi Polished Dining Table
Semi polished dining table on wooden flooring with wooden benches along with modern zone of the living room with colourful sofas is a contrasting shift from the main area. Along with the wooden chairs office chairs are also kept amidst the dining table.

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