Dining room with a round dining table
Dining Room

Opulent In Luxury Dining Set

Having a big house nowadays and the means to maintain it would be the height of luxury. Urban living has done away with big spaces and more and more people have adjusted to that kind of living. Big houses are admired and envied because standard of living has gone down and people cannot afford to buy big houses even if they wanted to. Large houses need big expenses and that goes for planning the interiors as well. The dining area is one of the rooms that must have the best interior design, furniture and décor that money can buy. Here are some luxury dining set designs that will truly make the dining room look opulent.

1.  Luxury Dining Set With Damask Dining Chairs

Dining room with luxury dining set

image source: marcpridmoredesigns

This is a dining room area that you can see in the movies that includes a dining scene setting in a luxurious house. The dining table is a long, highly polished hard wood that matched the wood chairs with their white cushion backrests and seats.

2.  Italian Bistro Dining Set / Tuscan Chandelier

Dining room with an Italian bristo dining set

image source: fratantoniluxuryestates

The wood chairs with light gold flower pattern cushions on the backseat and brown leather seats matched the luxurious round highly polished wood table. The matched dining set made a lovely addition to this dining room that made it look fabulous.

3. Blue Cushions On Chairs

The dining table matched with the chairs

The light blue cushions used on the wooden chairs are a surprising color that added a statement to this dining room. The long brown table is a perfect match to the wood chairs and highlighted the blue color that was designed on it.

4. Beautiful Antique Dining Table

Dining room with an Antique dining table

image source:cwrightdesign

The dark brown wood of the polished oval shaped table looks exactly right for this big dining room. The matching chairs of dark wood with a lovely contrast color of cream used in the backseat and seat made this dining room look fabulous and opulent.

5. Oval Koa Wood Dining Table

Dining room with an oval shaped table

image source: archipelagohawaii

The polished long oval shaped table with its matching wood chairs is the statement of this room. The simple design of not using any cushions or patterns on the chairs highlighted the beauty and durability of the wood.

6.  Classique Chic Dining Room

Dining room with a round dining table

image source: lisawolfedesign

This small dining room tells us that luxury can be attained even in small spaces. The dark brown wood chairs with its cream colored back and seat is matched perfectly by the dark brown polished round table.

7. Round Table With Benches

Amazing dining room

image source: jhinteriordesign

The small setting of the dining area still looks amazing with the design of the wide seats of the white colored chairs with dark wood frames. The dark brown round wood table is a perfect match as well.

8. Round Dining And Upholstered Chairs

Dining room with a round dining table

image source: lgbinteriors

The cream colored chairs with its wide backseat and slim dark wood legs look fantastic in this dining room. The highly polished dark wood round table is a perfect match that made this room opulent.

9.  White Table Crystal Deco Good Combo

Dining room with a modern table design

image source: lda-architects

This modern designed long flat and glossy table with steel legs and light brown leather covered chairs look great. The minimalist design would be a fantastic addition to any dining room.

10.  White Modern Dining Set

Dining room with modern dining set

image source: brittocharette

This white modern dining set still has a luxurious image about it when placed in this dining room. The steel legs of the white chairs are a fantastic contrast.

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