10 Diamond Plate Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Diamond plate design refers to adhesive-backed polyester sheet which is being widely used for contemporary bedrooms today. Have you got a diamond plate bedroom and looking for right furniture options? Well, not every furnishing option can meet up with the rustic feel of diamond plate and hence you should be very careful while choosing your furniture here. Below is a list of some excellent diamond plate bedroom furniture ideas. 

They look so traditional and clean in style , some have a sleek minimalist appearance with less furniture yet are great bedrooms. The bedroom furniture used in the bedrooms ranges from vintage, Victorian and modern furniture. The diamond gold plates in these bedrooms make them look spacious and luxurious.

1. Bedroom With Rusty Black Diamond Plate Wall And Floor

This bedroom echoes a very rustic feel with its rusty-black diamond plate wall and floor which has been duly matched up wheeler shaped wooden bed- with metal base. The bamboo side table looks cute and the metal cupboard by the bed side compliments the diamond plate ambience.

2. Green,White And Pink Bedroom With The Big Comfy Bed


The big comfy bed is surely the most arresting bit of the bedroom and the pristine tufted headrest aptly acts as the focal point of the room. The white nightstand appears beautiful oozing a vintage charm with traditional designs on the body.

3. Yellow Bedroom With The Sleek Steel Cabinet


This is a fine example of a brilliant transitional setting where traditional decor has been effortlessly blended with contemporary styles. The sleek steel cabinet is fashionably trendy while the heavily embellished mirror is basking in a vintage glory.

4. Elegant Bedroom With Regal Furnishing


If you are looking for a regal bedroom furnishing, this setting can be “the one” for you. The big double be looks really classy with its embellished headrest and so the traditionally designed elegant Victorian nightstands. The big chairs and sofas too evoke an imperial feel.

5. Green,White And Red Bedroom with Big Dark Solid Wooden Table


The single beds look cutely vintage and the ornamental headrests are the most stylish bit of the room. The big dark solid wooden table with a stylish curved top is an able match-up for the room and you will love the big comfortable sofas.

6.White And Grey Bedroom With The U Shaped Big Wooden Bed


The U shaped big wooden bed spells charm like no other and the low-height dark wood nightstand is one great classy addition to the setting. The tufted bench looks adorable and the solo-seater sofa is very plush. You will simply love the chic cylindrical white illumination from the ceiling.

7.Yellow Bedroom With The Stylish Bed Furnishing With Its Tree Trunk Like Corners 


The bed is one stylish piece of furnishing with its tree-trunk like corners. The wooden nightstands are solid and elegant. The little stool in between the big comfortable sofas is a smart addition to the setting. You will adore the glass bound vintage candle chandelier.

8.Grey Bedroom With A Tufted Bench


The setting appears regal with its king size wooden bed made classy with the spiral corners. The wooden nightstands add on depth to the setting and the tufted bench is surely one of the most loved furniture pieces in the room. The two sofas look comfortable and plush and so the rounded stylish seater.

9. Blue,White And Grey Bedroom With The Small Dark Wood Table


The large white bed reminds of pristine sand at the seashore and so the classy white bench. The sofas and stools on the other side of the room spell elegance,the small dark wood table makes a fine contrast with the overall light ambience.

10. Grey And White Bedroom With The Grey Velvet Headboard

The grey velvet headrest is an able match up with the diamond plate film on the wall and so the grey gloss tufted bench. The contemporary quotient has been further upped by the trendy steel nightstand.


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