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Truly Attractive Restaurant Dining Room Designs

Truly Attractive Restaurant Dining Room Designs are helpful in decorating every part of your house. We all love to eat out; this fact is the pillar for the existence of restaurants. In every corner of every city in the world there are countless of restaurants. Restaurants are appealing, especially when we feel lazy to prepare and cook food at our own homes. But now that there are so many restaurants around the world, serving unique and delicious food is not the only factor to make the customers come back for more.

Despite the modern trend where we see much of hi-tech items and ultra modern design of furniture, there is still an effort for designers to bring nature into the design. This could be due to the fact that nature is the source of everything in life and that its beauty is incomparable. It’s just like eating in a real nature or dream land of yours.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to eat out at a place with a pleasant restaurant dining room design? Here are some attractive dining room designs.
1. Alfresco Dining


Some people just love to eat outside, and when I say outside it means alfresco dining. This type of restaurant dining room is very effective especially when you cater to customers who wants to smoke, or those customers who wants to feel the fresh air and be close to nature while they enjoy their food. Most alfresco dining restaurants use earth colored tones in their chairs and tables. They also tend to include flowers and plants.

2. Asian Countries Inspired

It is important for restaurants to derive upon interior design ideas that complement the food that is offered. Asia is known for spicy and delicious food. Restaurants that serve Asian food must also come up with a dining room design that looks and feels like Asia. Like the image below, this shows a dining area that we can identify with Asia. The wall arts show a part of the history of China.

In another image below, we can deduce that the restaurant is serving Japanese food because of the Sumi Painting turned into wall art. The interior is also very minimalist which is consistent with the art of Zen.

3. Function Halls

It is already typical for restaurants to cater to functions such as weddings, birthdays, and meetings. Function Halls are very essential part of restaurants as of the present. It allows folks to assemble in a private restaurant area, so as not to be concerned by other diners. Function Halls should be spacious, so as to cater to large number of people. It can have a podium or stage or even a dance floor. Function Halls are mostly used for large events and parties, where people can move around and interact with each other.

4. Vintage Looking
Some people are really interested in old things and vintage looking restaurant dining rooms certainly has an appeal. These vintage restaurants look like their stuck in the 18th century Europe and can have aillusion of dining with royalties.


Restaurants with interiors like this serve food in expensive looking plates and utensils. They also really pay attention to their decorations and furniture pieces, which can give diners’ a clue on the effort they put in to making their food perfect. Elaborate pieces of old looking furnitures and paintings are a staple for this kind of dining room design.

5. Modern/ New Art
Modern looking restaurant dining areas are usually adorned with innovative furniture and pieces of decorations. They can have funky looking chairs or very creative light fixtures. This type of dining area can also be very colorful and trendy. It can also come across like an art gallery with lots of interesting art pieces. One can usually find young people dining in this type of restaurant.



In the present times, where most people dine out, the restaurant business is really at its peak. The themes that restaurant adapts usually show the kind of food they serve and the type of service they can render to the patrons. For a restaurant to be successful and competitive, it must not only serve the best food, but also put effort on the design of the restaurant and the atmosphere it can give off to the customers.

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