10 4 Season Room Furniture Ideas

Summer Season Conservatories

In summer it is good to have some kind of relaxing room where the family could just sit and relax during hot weather. We have put together a collection of 4 season room furniture ideas that could help you design and decorate your summer house. The furniture mostly used in a conservatory are sofas, cane coffee tables and chairs including wooden panelled windows and walls. For those who do not have a summer house there is an option to use the outdoor dining furniture with canopy and you could have a perfect place to relax with family in summer and better still do barbeques at the same time.

Seasons change in the world which is the beauty of geography. Varying season leads to varying furniture which also changes from time to time. Some materials are meant for summer and make the place cool. On the other hand during winter the furniture should make the place warm. Here are some of the ideas:-

1. Glass House With White And Green Stripes L Shaped Sofa

Glass house probably in the garden area has opening of vertical shaped box with lofty fan of white colour rising from the ceiling. Three small tables are arranged as center piece and cane fabric is used to make the sofa. The sofa has green and white colour stripes.

2. Checked cloth sofas with a wooden round table

Checked cloth sofas with a wooden round table is set on a chess board tile. Small lamps are placed on a black round ring like structure. Many plants fill the entire place. The windows are of glass.

3. Lake House Stack Up Bundle Of Sticks with Top as Coffee Table

As the name suggests Lake House the entire place has glass doors and windows. Outside grassy plain is seen. Bundle of sticks stacked up as a box and act as a table in the center. Two sofas are arranged.

4. Granite Dining Table And Metal Framed Dining Chairs

Dining area with black stylish chairs, granite table top on a furry mat is placed. Glass doors are set up from which the outside view of green plants is seen along with the plants which are inside.

5. Black cane chairs and Oval Shaped wooden table 

Wooden ceiling, brick fire place, black tiles, a rug below the sofas and a small ceiling fan is what is clearly visible with black cane chairs and oval shaped wooden table for eating and having meals.

6. English countryside Summer house

Wooden ceiling, panels of the window makes it look like English countryside and a summer house. Sofas are arranged with white cover and a small table which is wooden is placed in the centre. Big trees of the autumn season colour are seen from the inside.

7.  Olive Yellow Colour Leather Arm Chairs

Olive yellow colour arm chairs which is of polished leather is placed on the rug. A low table along with lamp is also placed on it. Dining zone is placed in the corner. The walls are off white paint with glass windows.

8.  White Painted Cane Fabric Table

Small Living room  with small box like glass and panelled white wooden plank is the design. Two sofas in beautiful colour cover is the highlight. Center table is of white painted cane fabric. The outlet of exit is also of glass.

9. Outdoor Dining Table And Chairs and Canopy

Big house looks like a mansion stands amidst the green grass of the lawn and a resort picture is created on the other side with canopy and chairs. The house is of glass windows which are small in size.

10. Crocodile Skin Patterned Leather Coffee Table

Two sofas- one of the leather variant and other of suede material is placed in the area which are both contrasting to each other. Wooden flooring is the key element which is prevalent in most of the houses. A tray is placed on one of the sofas. Stairs are built up in the side from which you can go up.

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