Mint Green Sofa Concept
Living Room

Stunning Sofa designs and Ideas for the Living room

Stunning Sofa designs and Ideas for the Living room that are very useful in this modern times. The living room is usually the largest room of a home and the most important as this is the first room that a guest or family or friends get to see upon entering the home. Interiors have to be planned well that would go with the general outlay of the house and decors have to be considered also. The living room is also the place where the family gathers after dinner to socialize with each other or even to just watch TV. Furniture needs to be considered not only for its comfort but also for the aesthetic quality that it can give. Here are a few designs and ideas for a sofa that would truly make your living room stunning.

 1. White Living Room

White Living Room

This white living room opted out to match it with white furniture. The sofa and armchairs are all in white and center table matches the same furniture. The black pillows and the red roses are nice accents.

 2. White Relaxation Invitation Concept

White Relaxation Invitation Concept

This long white sofa has plump cushions that simply invite one to sit down and relax or curl up with and read a book. The size alone could sit a lot of people and looks great in any interior color.

 3. Alphabet Modular Sofa

Alphabet Modular Sofa

This sofa design looks fun and gave a lively look to the living room. The contrasting colors of light gray and dark gray looks great and the cushions look plump and soft. This is a nice touch to small living rooms.

 4. Stunning Gold Sofa

Stunning Gold Sofa

This stunning gold sofa would surely light up the living room and make it look gorgeous. The bold color would blend seamlessly into any interior color of the room.

 5. L-Shaped Sofa

L-Shaped Sofa

This long mismatched low L shaped sofa is gorgeous. The colorful and bold patterns of the sofas could make any living room come alive.

6. Books Storage Under Sofa

Books Storage Under Sofa

This is a great design for small living room spaces. The shelf under the white sofa not only gives additional space storage but looks fantastic as well. The design of the white sofa is also amazing.

7. Orange Color Ideas

Orange Color Ideas

Orange is another bold color that used right would make a room look fabulous. This orange sofa proved the point and made this living room look fantastic.

 8. Green Zigzag Sofa

Green Zigzag Sofa

The green colored zigzag pattern of this sofa looks fantastic. The zigzag pattern of different colors for the armchair and stool blended seamlessly and made this living room look beautiful and stylish.

9. L-Shaped White Long Sofa

L-Shaped White Long Sofa

This L shaped white long sofa would be great to use in small living room spaces. The shelves found below it give ample space for storage. The white color would complement any interior color and design of a living room.

10. Mint Green Sofa Concept

Mint Green Sofa Concept

This mint green sofa is a delightful design for a living room. The cushions look plump and inviting and the addition of leg cushions that can be used for stretching out is a fantastic idea. The color could blend with any interior design and decor of a living room.

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