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Design ideas for unique living rooms

Design ideas for a unique living room that will require less decors yet possess stunning effects. The most important room in the house will always be the living room. It is also one of the most hardworking rooms second to the bathroom. The living room is the place to go before dinner is served and after dinner is done. It houses the TV and we tend to hone in to it right after dinner. Family gatherings and entertaining guests and friends are also done in the living room. It is right that living room design and decors have to be the best as this is the house’s personal showcase.

Here are some design ideas that you may be able to get inspiration from to make the living room unique.

1. Family Room Wide

Family Room Wide

A fireplace is always a great design for a living room. The long, plush, black leather sofas flanking the fireplace made this living room look fabulous. The large grey area rug is a great accent.

2. Tour Sitting daybed chair

Tour Sitting daybed chair

This yellow and white living room has a sitting room that is simply gorgeous. The yellow and white horizontal stripes used on the walls are a fantastic design and the white covers for the daybed matched seamlessly.

3. Tour Living Bay Views

Tour Living Bay Views

The red sofas contrasted beautifully with the brown armchair and area rug and made this living room fantastic. The glass doors leading to the terrace gives this living room a fresh and airy look that is simply refreshing.

4. Lodge Room Ideas

Lodge Room Ideas

This design is great for country homes that have real fireplaces in the living room. The fire in the fireplace gives a warm and inviting image to this brown and blue living room.

5. Tour Family Room Wide

Tour Family Room Wide

This white and brown living room with a brick fireplace is fantastic. The large wood beams on the ceiling match the doors of the terrace and makes the room look lovely. The splashes of colors give a bright and cheerful image to the room.

6. Period Piece Wood Cabinet

Period Piece Wood Cabinet

The period piece wood cabinet is the focal point of this living room. It matched the shiny wood floors and the center table. The mismatched blue and yellow sofas gave this room warmth that invites one to sit down and feel at home.

7. White Walls Media Room

White Walls Media Room

The white walls are direct contrast to the bold red color of the sofas in this living room and yet blended seamlessly. The brown treasure chest center table is a great design that matched the brown colored carpet perfectly.

8. Gray and White Walls Sitting Room

Gray and White Walls Sitting Room

The gray and white walls are a beautiful color contrast to the blue striped chair that made this room look lovely. The dirty white color of the period cabinet is a great touch.

9. Two Black Spotlights Theater Room

Two Black Spotlights Theater Room

The two black spotlights are the focal point of this room. They focused light on the giant screen of the wall mounted TV and made this a modern designed living room. The multi-layered center table is a fantastic design.

10. Open Space Wide Living Room

Open Space Wide Living Room

The open space outside the living room made its image fantastic. The brown and black furniture blended seamlessly with the shiny brown floors and the huge glass windows made this room awesome.

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