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Inspirational modern Living Rooms

Modern living rooms are now designed on fusion of new collection and craftsmanship. Comfortable and fine fabrics with more space to the living rooms highlight and beautify the entire house. Bigger living room is an added advantage in those houses which have smaller rooms. Living room or Drawing room as it is popularly called serves as a parlor room for discussions, meetings, camaraderie, candid talks and much more. There are 10 inspirational modern living room designs which are breathtaking to look at.

The modern living room ideas that we will be sharing are photos of the most liked living rooms in the contemporary department. We will show you how designers teamed up the classiest furniture with the prettiest decors that were used either as accents or main centerpiece. Take a look at our collection!

1.  Small Modern Living Room

modern living room

Just one cabinet for television set, music system, few show piece enclosed in a wooden encasement. You have the liberty to opt for one L-shaped large comfortable sofa so that many people can fit in. A shiny matte grey corduroy fabric is optimal for Sofa, a glass sliding door for entry into the lawn. You can highlight the woofer by keeping a big vase, like the one shown in the picture. A very modern quote laminated board hangs in one corner.

2. Bright Colour With  Vibrant Effect To  The Living Room

bright living room colour

Bright color combination to give a vibrant effect to your living room and by keeping the wall color subtle adds a classic-modern touch to the living room. A dark aqua blue half-compass or crescent shaped sturdy sofa with wooden supporting wooden knob and an olive yellow settee in one corner. Three similar colored, fabric low round seating couch is placed. A silver polished elongated lamp overlooking the sofa and when it is an open facing living room glass doors are the best option. Colorful mini paintings can be added for fun effect.

3.  Minimalist Living Room

minimalist living room

If color is not what you desire and want to keep it monotone then this grey and black sofas on either side with white paneled windows, fire place and ceiling brings out white light to the room. Wooden flooring gives it an English drama to this room.

4. Elegant White And Beige Living Room

white living room with beige sofas

Royal and elegant touch with staircase leading from the living room shows life-embracing approach. Suede leather sofas with matching soft big cushions, wooden table, wooden basket and a wooden dining table and chair set on other side of the living room serves as twin purpose of dining room and living room.

5. Basement living room

minimalist living in green colour

A basement living room can be easily created if you want to utilize that space. Low sofas, high lamp shade, a potted plant in one corner, teakwood flooring, and open rectangular cut wall for see-through and olive green paint gives it a warm villa design.

6.  White And Brown Living Room

white and brown living room

If clustered pioneering different background is what you are vying for then this design suits your taste. Full pyramid glossy brown design on white wall, black painting, black wall design vase, show pieces, spiky potted plant on either side of the sofa, different colored cushions and a rollover canvas print wall blind makes it a warm living room.

7. Small Living Room design

small breakfast living room

Breakfast style living room is very in. This kind of set-up features morning hues with wicker sofas, long black curtains, carpeted flooring, lamp shades and no door entry to the dining room. Tough foldable table in the living room can be very economical for long-lasting time.

8.  Simple Living Room

living room with grey sofa furniture

Simple look can be created by placing huge and broad grey soft sofas with printed cushions, small vintage fan, ceiling lights and all black glass case for fire-place.

9. make your living room a spacious 

living room design with U-shaped sofa

To make your living room a spacious one go for low sofa set on one side, no cabinet excepting a television set and ceiling lights makes the room look big without much detail.
10. Tidy living room 

bright coloured tidy living room
Tidy living room means lesser sofa like the one shown in the design, fire place, broad paneled mirror and glass door leading to balcony.

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