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Gorgeous Minimalist Living Room Designs

As they even say, the term “minimalist” means stripping something of the essential. Today, we will be showing you pictures of living spaces with very little furnishings – really just the important things for the living room and everything is as great!

Your living room is a very important space within your house. You can sit, relax, read, watch television and even attend to guests in your living room. So, it is necessary that you pay attention to the designing and space utilization of your living room. It must look spacious, yet include all the furniture that you require, be well lit, comfortable and make guests feel welcome. The next 9 Minimalist Living Room Spaces that we will be showing you will be a variety of categories like, modern, contemporary, chic, even traditional living room spaces which we are sure that you will definitely like

1. Grey And white living room with wooden Finish

gray living room with wooden finish
This living room design is perfect for you if you love your interiors to have a wooden finish. The colors used are all in natural hues. The storage spaces created is perfect to hold crockery and also to display your beautiful show pieces. The light fittings are done to match the mood.

2. Natural light Through The windows

minimalist living room with feature wall
This living room is subtle and speaks volumes about your taste and sense of beauty. The colors are kept very light so as to accentuate the other features of this living room. The two small windows are created to let light and air in and can also be used to accommodate show pieces.

3. Modern White living Room

white living room
Do you love white? And do you think you can maintain it? Then this is the living room design you should go for. The sofa and the centre table have very modern designs. There is also a small book rack that is very useful.

4. Impeccable style

open space living room and dining room
Impeccable style – that is what is special about this living room. The special feature is that the dining area has also been incorporated into this.
5. Minimalist living room with an l-shaped sofa

minimalist living room with an l-shaped sofa
If you have moderate area for your living room, this is the perfect design for you. The L-shaped sofa is placed so space is utilized in the best possible way. The black and white combination looks classy. Also, the lamp shade has been placed right next to the sofa – you would find this useful is you are fond of reading.

6. Modern living room style with cement and wood

simple living made from concrete and cement
A very small area can be turned into this beautiful living room- especially if you have a staircase emerging right next to this space. The side table can be used to display indoor plants. The colorful cushions have been used to break the monotony of the gray and white colors.

7. Minimalist living room with storage

storage minimalist living room
If you wish to have a cellar right there in your living room, this is the design you should choose. From books to photo frames, bottles to show pieces – you have space for everything. Also, the white tiles are very easy to clean and maintain.

8. Red And white Living Room Colour combination 

living room with tv unit and storage space

The red and white combination used for this living room makes it very different form all the other designs. The TV cabinet is designed to hold all the gadgets that you wish to keep there.

9.   Living room with tv unit and bookshelves

green living room with tv unit and bookshelves
If you live in the top floor of a high-rise building, this is the design you should go for. The glass wall on one side gives a marvelous view. The furniture used in this room have been given a minimalistic look. The TV cabinet is just perfect to accommodate all your electronic gadgets.

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