Tropical Style green lawn

Middle Harbour Home Design in Sydney, Australia

According to Richard Cole architects, Corner site home design is a sculptural response to an exposed corner site overlooking Middle Harbour in Sydney builds on the materiality of the existing sandstone base to create a dramatic and layered form. By careful manipulation of openings the substantial house achieves a balance of privacy and outlook, light and shelter, texture and warmth. To build a house overlooking Sydney Harbour is a privilege not to be undertaken lightly. This house strives to create a contemporary dwelling which harbours the everyday experiences, aspirations and interactions of a family and contributes to the rich context of the populated slopes and fingers of bushland that reach into the waterway. The site is exposed to two road frontages, and slopes substantially to the east. The form responds to this dramatic corner site with a stratified assembly overlaid by a simple skillion roof that mirrors the slope of the land. The stepping form creates terraces which extend the indoor living areas to the outside, creating sheltered places of prospect. The solidity of the mass is eroded by a central double height space, allowing light to permeate through the stairwell to the lower ground floor. The warm, substantial character of the dwelling is carefully composed by means of the clarity of detailing, a palette of tactile natural materials and the careful manipulation of light. The building aspires to beauty, substance and place making in order to provide a vessel in which a family can grow.

1. Middle Harbour House in Sydney

corner site home sydney

Different exterior wall textures and materials , green glass garden and wonderful views of the water and blue sky. What is not to like about this house. It goes to show that when you hire professional architects like Richard Cole architects you get to have a home of your dreams where it feels like holiday all year round.

2. Tropical Style green lawn

Tropical Style green lawn

Second level of the house with a connects to the peaceful well mowed garden lawn with some tropical plants .

External Pool and Blue Skyline

outdoor swimming pool

Closer view of the swimming pool and beautiful blue skyline which adds holiday beach feel to this modern house.

Use of different exterior Building materials
outside staircase

When you take a look at this side of the house there is more to admire about the way everything was careful designed and built.  We see the wooden features of the house actually look decorative to the stone and gray painted concrete exterior walls. The house has plenty of windows that allows light to permeate to the interiors of the house.  During the night te whole house changes as the lights are turned on.

Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen design

White kitchen island with bar stools ,white kitchen cabinets and gray painted walls .

Corner Site House Views

corner site home design

table teenis play area connects to the ground floor sitting area with TV and contemporary couche . Next to this room is a modern swimming pool where family and friends can relax and enjoy their time suring warm summer months.

Modern Kitchen Furniture

modern kitchen furniture Round wooden dining table and bar chairs in an open layout contemporary kitchen .  Black and white color tone suits this kitchen and makes it modern.

Modern Dining Room Near window

modern dining room design

Dining area with big windows showing the beautiful tree and water views from the house.

wood and steel staircase

Here we see extensive use of Steel and wood to the flooring and the sculptural staircase inclusing the walls and door.

Middle Harbour Home Bedroom

modern bedroom ,Australia

This bedroom looks simple and a minimalist one yet the use of different color palettes sets it unique and admirable.  Gray and white walls with some wooden edges to the door,accessories and bedroom furniture.

Balcony with wooden decking

balcony with wooden decking

Wooden deck balcony featuring tree views from the house and neighbouring surrounding. The stylish protective glass railing adds style to the house design.

Children’s bedroom with Study Desk

kids bedroom with study desk

Childrens’ bedroom with a big window that brings in natural light into the room. The study desk and the bookcase makes it easy for the child to do their home work.

Vintage Modern bathroom with Srtorahe

vintage bathroom style

Contemporary bathroom design with modern bathroom vanities and fixtures. The white painted together with the white bathroom cabinets make this bathroom look smart ,bright and clean.  The tub has a vintage style twist and a simple wooden ladder is used for towel hanging.

Vintage Modern Bathroom with Storage

bathroom Storage

See how the creative use of different building materials can totally transform your new building to a luxurious futurist home design one.  The exteriors of this modern home look unique and so are the different wall textures if the exterior walls.

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