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Wonderful Ideas for Boys Teenage Bedroom

Boys Teenage Bedroom

Teenage years, is a span of time where changes happen to boys and girls not only physically but also mentally. It is a time where they shed off their cute styles and often go to extreme to express themselves. Their bedrooms are not spare to this kind of change. It is when they decide for themselves what they really like. It is important to remind teenagers that whatever they decide their rooms to look like it should always be cleaned and well maintained. Here are cool ideas for boys’ teenage bedroom that your son might like.

  • Blue room

Blue has always been associated with the male gender, that’s why it is the most common color for a boy’s bedroom, even if through adolescents. You can choose key pieces that should be in blue color like bedding and carpets, which can be easily replaced if your teenage boy would want another color.

1. Blue Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

Blue teenage boys bedroom with a wooden bed

It is also better if you match other decorations and furniture pieces with the color blue to have a more compact effect to the room.

2. Teen’s Bedroom With Wooden Bed And Storage


storage boxes and wall cabinets are for their books and other stuff

Help them organize their clutter by having storage boxes and wall cabinets for their books and other stuff.

  • Musically Inclined Room

For boys, a bedroom is where they usually pour out their true selves, this includes their musical inclination. It can be a very good idea to have them incorporate their musical idols or their musical styles into the design of their rooms. They can choose to keep it simple and just have a nice storage space for their musical instruments such as guitars.

3. Red Music Theme Bedroom


Teen's bedroom with a guiter

They can also choose to have murals and decorative pieces that are consistent with the whole music theme of the room. They can have vinyl records displayed creatively.

4.  Bedroom With Music Instruments

bedrooms are designed according to teenage'hobby.

  • Sports Themed Room

Most boys love to play sports, and it is also quiet a popular trend for their bedrooms to have a sport themed design. They can keep it simple by having a small wall mural of the sports they like and then just jazz it up with themed bedding.

 5. Teenage Boy’s Bedroom With A Picture Decor


Skateboarding has also become really popular with teenage boys

Skateboarding has also become really popular with teenage boys. They can choose to have a decorative skate park inside their room to disguise a closet and cabinet.

6.  Well Designed Sports Enthusiast Bedroom

A well designed sports enthusiast bedroom for teenage boys

A well designed sports enthusiast bedroom for teenage boys may even inspire them to strive better at their chosen field of sports, that one day they may become famous and great. So it is better if parents help them chose inspirational designs for their sports wall murals.

7.  Teenage Boy Bedroom For Sports Enthusiast

sharing a bedroom can keep teenagers in touch with each other

  • Shared Bedrooms

Parents can still have their sons share teenage bedrooms by letting them agree upon what they want their room to look like. This way parents can get their sons to talk and get to know more about each other, also, sharing a bedroom can keep them in touch with each other. Opting for the traditional bunk beds can also be a practical idea as parents can just renovate their childhood bunk beds to match the design they have agreed upon.

8.  Bedroom With Wooden Bunk Bed


Wooden bunk beds may also look very manly on a teenage bedroom

Wooden bunk beds may also look very manly on a teenage bedroom. This also gives off that summer camp effect as they tend to look like cabins. Teenagers can have that fun feel to the whole room.

9.   Teenage Bedroom With  A Blue Comfortable Sofa Bed


 They can share a workspace and have their beds located over the cabinets

They can use the spaces below the bed as storage for shoe boxes and other things that can be kept hidden. They can also opt for separate beds with the same recurring theme designs on the bedding. Or much better they can follow the design shown on the photo below. They can share a workspace and have their beds located over the cabinets. It also saves space and creates a very modern look.

10.  Stylish Twin Bedroom Interior For Teenage Boys

stylish twin bedroom interior for teenage boys with a shared work place

When choosing a theme for a boy’s bedroom it is important that they are sure what they want their bedroom to look like. As a bedroom is a place where teenagers spend most of their times at home,they should have an open imagination to add things up and liven up their whole bedroom to create a positive effect to their whole well-being.

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