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Teenage Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

Teenage boys have a very strong personality regarding their personal space. As they go through puberty, they seem to prefer being alone and being secretive with their life. It is important to them that their personal space is just for them and not for anyone else. It is also important for them that it suits their personality and what they are passionate about. They are free-spirited and would use their room as a place where they can be themselves and to relax from the crazy world around them. It would always depend on their style and taste in choosing the design. Some rooms also have the distinct element of a teenage boy such as a guitar, punching bag, computers, photographs, a remote controlled car, a miniature plane or gaming devices. Their rooms are themed that suites their ambitions too. Some would want to go to the military so they would have a military themed room. Maybe it is time to get to know more about you. In the end, all you need is an inspiration for you to come up with the design your room that you have always wanted. It might be difficult at first but once you find that inspiration of yours, everything will follow and you would be able to think of a stylish, fun and a room that would define you. Here are some design ideas for teenage boys’ bedroom.

1. Teenage Boys Bedroom Design

Teenage boy's bedroom with a small nice bed   Teenage boy’s bedroom design with a small nice bed. This bedroom has book shelves with a provision of a study table and there is a a black contemporary chair.The bed headboard highlights the room.

2. white And Grey Teenagers Room

 bedroom design, most teenage boys are in to music In this kind of bedroom design, most teenage boys are in to music. Of course, they would want a room where they can put their stuff especially their musical instruments. Most of them have music as their passion and you would not want to take it away from them. Some also prefer photography as their hobby. They use their photographs as designs in their walls as some sort of their priced possession.

3. Grey Teenager’s Bedroom With Music Instruments

design a teenage boy

It is important that you would design a teenage boy’s room into their kind of hobbies. This would actually define their life as of the moment. Mostly, their life is all about music, computer, photography, games, arts, books and sports. Here are some designs that would help you with it.

4. Thoughtful Teen Room Layout

Bedroom with a wooden bed that has storage    A thoughtful teen room layout. The bed is made up of wood and it has storage at the end. Most of things in this teenager’s bedroom are stored to provide space. Pictures are put against the wall as decors.

5. Teen Room Design With White Shelves

White and dark colous is this teen bedroom   A teen room design with white stand up shelves. The music instruments seen in this room shows that the owner is the musician. Most of teenagers like to design their their rooms according to their hobbies.

6. Grey Teen’s Bedroom With A Black Bench

Teen's bedroom with a small nice bed   A grey teens bedroom with a black bench positioned right on a grey carpet. The reflection of light makes the room look brighter. Beside the bed,there are shelves with the provision of a study and computer desk. A white chair gives a modern feel to this room.

7. A Minimalist Boy Teen’s Bedroom

this bedroom is highligted by the orange pillow and cushion   A lot of young men want their room to be designed in a minimalist type. Some even prefer their room to be with a shade of black. This make them feel manly enough. The photos above show this kind of design and for you to have more ideas, here are some pictures that might help you with it.

8. Teenage Bedroom With Storage

hanging shelves

This style would surely fit those mature minded teenage boys. The hanging shelves would help your room to be clutter free in style. There are shelving against the wall with the provision of a study and computer desk.

9. Teenager Boy’s Modern Bedroom

modern bedroom

This modern bedroom would help you so much in storage and to help a teenage boy be more responsible of his clutter.

10. Highlighted Teenage Bedroom

 shades of black, blue and brown

In designing a teenage boy’s room, you should know about their personality and hobbies. Mostly, the colors involved are shades of black, blue and brown. But there are other teenage boys that also like vivid colors.

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