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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas for Teenage Boys Bedroom

A teenage bedroom should be balanced between fun and child-like personal touches and possess that comfort and simple factor that is very much adult. For teenagers having this balance exist in their bedrooms can help set their minds about what they really like and how it feels to be grown up. A teenage bedroom should be creative using simple ways, also practical and organized. So it is very appropriate to have a minimalist interior for a teenage bedroom, especially for a teenage boy room. This is because it is often that you’ll find a boys room cluttered and unkempt, so having a minimalist interior gives them lesser things to arrange. Here are some minimalist teenage bedroom ideas for boys that you might like.

  1. Teenage Boys Bedroom Color

Teenage Boys Bedroom Color

Color is an important factor for a teenage bedroom. For boys it is usual that they like blue or black, however, in a minimalist bedroom it is often that you find white or cream as a dominant color. White or cream can be matched with another color like green or blue, which can liven up the relaxation factor of a room.

  1. White Teen Room Furniture pieces

Matching white with the colors

Matching white with the colors that teenage boys like also result to great looking furniture pieces. Plus it also takes away some of the monotonous factor by matching colors together. Also through the use of two colors as a theme there can be a creative pattern and enhance the overall effect of the room.

3.  Minimalist teenage bedroom

boys bedroom with yellows

Black interior can also work for a minimalist teenage bedroom. Just pair it with bright colors such as yellow or white. This way the room will not look too dark and gloomy. Also add lighting fixtures to help the room look brighter.

4. Beatle Themed boys bedroom

Beatle style teenage body bedroom

Wall designs and murals make a teenage room more personalized. You can make your teenage boys choose what mural or wall paintings they would like for their bedrooms. Choices can range from bands and other music related stuff or their favorite sports. Just make sure that they don’t go overboard with the wall art, so as to stay in the light of a minimalist interior.

  1. Extravagant Surfer Boys room

 bedroom wall art

Also make sure that other accessories in the bedroom go well with the chosen wall art. This way you can create a more organized and put together look. Pattern bed sheets, pillowcases, and other fabrics to the design of the wall art or mural.

  1. Ultra Modern Boys Bedroom

storage space

To keep up with the minimalist look it is important to have a proper storage space in a teenage boy bedroom. This way they can keep their room looking good and well organized. Storage spaces should also look simple yet fits to the whole design really well. Have a floor to ceiling closet space to cater to all your teenager’s clothing materials.

  1. Teen Boys room with Cupboards And Shelves

Teen Boys room

Instead of having the normal headboard they can have storage spaces on the wall part on top of the bed. This gives them more space for books and other school related stuff. They can also display photos and other personal knick knacks.

  1. Hanging shelves near the study area

hanging shelves

Have hanging shelves near the study area for your teenagers to easily access and find the books they need whenever they need them. An organized study space can also help them improve their study habits.

9. Sports lover teen boy room

ligter colors sports lover teen room

Have attractive and efficient light fixtures that make the room brighter and keener to relaxation. You can have soft lights that allow the room to look mellow and soft. This idea also helps in the coziness factor of your teenager’s room.

10.  Use Lamps For Brighter light

Use Lamps For Brighter light

For the study area, use lamps that give off brighter lighting. This way the room will become more effective for studying. Also choose lamp designs that are artistic and creative, which will embody the fun factor of being a teenager.

For a minimalist teenage bedroom to succeed it is important to be able to balance between fun and simplicity. Choose accessories and decorations that are simple and yet improves the look of the bedroom well. Or go for extremes in terms of wall designs but keep the furniture pieces sparse yet efficient.

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