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Fascinating Design Ideas for a Teen’s bedroom

Fascinating Design Ideas for a Teen’s bedroom to look like the same as they are even with their rooms. Before one realizes it, the small kid has turned into a teenager with a unique personality of their own. Disney characters and designs won’t hold water for them anymore and they are clamoring to have the image of their rooms changed. This would actually be a great experience both for the parents and the teens as planning a room would be an exciting one. Parents should respect wishes of the teens as long as they are reasonable and teens should also give way to some ideas that would actually help. We’ve come up with some designs that both parents and teens could get inspiration and help to turn the bedroom into a fascinating one.

1. Teenage Boy Great Design

Teenage Boy Great Design

This is a great design for a teenage boy who would love the idea of living on an upper deck of a bed. The space below could be used for cabinets or shelves for storage space. A study area is also a good addition and design.

2. Shelves Built Below Arrangement

Shelves Built Below Arrangement

This design could be used for either a teen boy or girl. The shelves built below the bed are a great space for storing shoes or what needs to be stored. A small study area gives privacy and solitude the way teens value most.

3. Double Deck Share Bedroom

Double Deck Share Bedroom

This is a great design for teen boys that would share a bedroom. Beds are double deck and left the middle of the room free for some playing. A basketball hoop is a nice touch.

4. Teenage Girls Favorites Color

pink bedroom  walls

This is a bedroom design that would please a teen girl who loves the color pink, intricate designs and lace curtains. This bedroom has all of these elements that would surely please the heart of a teen girl.

5. Bedroom Design with Twin Beds

Bedroom Design with Twin Beds

This shared bedroom is a wonderful design for teen girls. The use of different colors of bed cover could signify the independence of each child in asserting her own space.

6. Exciting Teenage Bedroom

boys bedroom

This is a wonderful design for a teen boy whose main interest is sports. The colorful bed covers with matching pillows is a nice addition and the colorful floating shelves at the back of the bed are a nice touch.

7. Dodi Yellow Teen Bedroom

Dodi Yellow Teen Bedroom

This is a wonderful design for a teen girl. The black and white striped area rug contrasted beautifully with the peach color of the bed and gray walls. The white flower design on the wall is a nice touch.

8. Nesting Striped Teen Bedroom

Nesting Striped Teen Bedroom

The colorful patchwork quilt bed cover looks delightful and gave the room its color and lively air. The yellow green and blue walls blend very well with all the colors that are in this room. The colorful chandelier is a nice touch.

9. Angeline Guido Eclectic Girls Bedrooms

Angeline Guido Eclectic Girls Bedrooms

The green color designed headboard surprisingly contrasted and complemented perfectly the colorful patterns and colors of the pillows. The blue walls make the perfect backdrop for all this colors.

10. Lizard Shop Surfer Boys Room

Lizard Shop Surfer Boys Room

This is a wonderful design for a teen boy who loves surfing. The surfer art on the wall is a great touch. The surfboards placed at the back of the bed are a wonderful accent.

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