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Cute Bedspreads For Teenage Girls

Perhaps the most crucial and key piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed, and the bedding you choose to decorate it with.
Teenage girls are notoriously hard to decorate for, as they go through the transition from young girl with a children’s bedroom, to a young adult with different requirements. Choosing fun bedspreads can be a simple way to add a bit of your own personality to your bedroom and using it as a main point, working around the more permanent fixtures and colours which will transcend your teenager from childhood to adulthood.
All teenagers are different, with different tastes that they are probably very outspoken about, but we’ve selected some examples of bedding for teenage girls which add fun, colour, and personality to a bedroom in a mature way, without demanding any hard changes to your home or interior design. Take a look at these fun bedspreads we are showcasing the beds today on this post:

1. Bold Floral

Bedroom with a floral patterned bedspread
Floral patterns don’t have to have the shabby chic and chintzy element. This bedding proves how bold florals can be bright and fun, and also perfect for teenage girls.

2. Mix And Match Pastels

Bold and funky striped duvet cover
Pastel tones make it easier to mix and match colours. Colours that would usually clash can work together if they are paler or the colour palette includes a lot of white. See this bold and funky striped duvet cover.

3. Purple Trim

White bedding with purple trim
Bold colours can be overpowering in huge doses, but you can keep things chic and cool by adding splashes of colour against white, like the purple trim on this white bedding.

4. Nautical And Nice

Anchor pattern bedding
The nautical trend in fashion and interior design hasn’t shifted for over a decade. Add nautical and innocent charm to your teenagers bedroom with this anchor pattern bedding.

5. Themed Patterns

Pink and white bedding
Teenagers are looking for ways to achieve mature style without sacrificing their own personality. This pink and white bedding fits the geometric trend criteria, but the quirky seahorses are adorable and kooky.

6. Understated Colours

Grey is adaptable and matches most colours
Grey isn’t what we usually associate with teenage bedrooms, but this pattern is very on trend. Gray is adaptable and matches most colours, providing a neutral backdrop for whatever colour accents you want to add.

7. Bold Tie-Dye Pattern

Bedroom with a pattened bedspread
Tie-dye is timeless, and it seems to have a constant appeal for teenagers. You can even create your own with plain white bedding and your favourite colour dye. The choices are endless.

8.Geometric Rainbow

Stylish geometric patterned bedspread
Can’t decide on a colour? Include a rainbow of colour in a stylish geometric pattern to cover all bases.

9. Going Dotty

Pale blue polka dot bedding
We love this pale blue polka dot bedding that would look incredible against any pastel colour palette. You can add your own touches with cushions and pillows.

10. Purple And White Bedspread

Cute bedspread
At the end, it all comes down to personal taste and what you want to achieve with your bedding. A splash of colour, a neutral backdrop, or something unique and interesting.

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