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Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Boys is an ideal crafty suggestions for you little boys. Eye-catching and Useful Bedside Tables would be good since it can also be a storage area for your kid’s treasures not only for your kids but also for you. And it would even be more fun if you choose a motif or theme that suits your taste. It can also carry a lamp beside the bed. Bedside tables have always been an indispensable part of a bedroom. A bedroom would not look complete if there is no bedside table to house your alarm clock and books. However, with the new interior designs for the bedrooms that exist today, it is also important to check on the look of your bedside table.

Designs for your boys might have different compare to your girls, so be aware of the designs that will attract them or might be suitable for them. One thing is, most boys rooms have simple and minimal designs. As simple as clouds.

Here are some bedside table ideas that you’ll find innovative, practical, and charming.
1. Cosy Elevated Bedroom Design

Cosy Elevated Bedroom Design

This is a cosy bedroom design with an elevated study area. With the cabinets attached to the walls, paired with green and brown colors, boys will be able to organize their things. This room gives teenage boys the independent feeling that they desire.

2. Sporty Teenage Bedroom Design


The picture offers a sporty design for teenage boys’ bedroom. The cabinets on both sides of the bed provide extra space for personal items like books and sports gear. Likewise, the walls could be utilized to attach posters of your teenagers’ favourite sports team just like what is seen on the picture.

3. Contemporary Colorful Bedroom Design

Contemporary Colorful Bedroom Design

This bedroom presents a contemporary design for small space areas with a combination of red, white and gray colors. The area near the window is a neat and stylish way to place books and decorations. Colourful paintings could also be hanged on the walls to add life to the room. The upper level bed is a wise way to save space and can accommodate sleep overs of friends and relatives.

4. Relaxing Expansive Bedroom

Relaxing Expansive Bedroom

The picture above shows an expansive bedroom with yellow, black, and gray background colors. This combination gives teenage boys a relaxed feeling. The cabinets and drawers also provide additional beauty to this simple yet elegant bedroom.
5. Musically Inspired Bedroom

Musically Inspired Bedroom

If you prefer a musically inspired bedroom, this surely fits your goal. The room is designed with brown and gray colors to permit teenage boys to express their creativity. Moreover, the sofa provides a welcome space for friends and relatives. The walls could also be utilized to hang their own paintings and pictures of their favourite bands.

6. Lively and Spacious Bedroom

Lively and Spacious Bedroom

The picture shows a lively and spacious bedroom accentuated with shades of blue colors. The bed is surrounded with different stylish cabinets that can accommodate a lot of personal belongings. Also, the open window provides a refreshing and comfortable feeling.

7. Classy Minimalist Style Bedroom

Classy Minimalist Style Bedroom

This bedroom design caters those who prefer a minimalist style. The white sheets of bed and pillows create a classy chic to the room. The copper colored storage cabinets add contrast to the overall color of the bedroom.

8. White and Taupe Brown Contemporary Bedroom

White and Taupe Brown Contemporary Bedroom
This bedroom depicts a classy design for small space bedroom. The brown colors of both the furniture and walls indicate simplicity and stability. To maximize the space, paintings, pictures and drawers can be hanged on the walls.
9. Rainbow Colored and Film Strip Bedroom

Rainbow Colored and Film Strip BedroomIf you prefer a unique bedroom for your teenage boy, you can decorate his room with rainbow colored and film strip walls. The combination of colors in this bedroom gives a tranquil and warm feeling.

10. Cool Yellow Glossy Bedroom

Cool Yellow Glossy Bedroom
Boys would want others to think of them as masculine. This bedroom shows the color combination of black and yellow which conveys a message of happiness, power and strength. Your teenage boy can also read while lying in bed with the help of the overhead lamp.

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