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10 Cool Blue,Brown And grey camo bedding

Camouflage fabric began it’s life as a way for people working or spending time outdoors to remain hidden from predators. It’s a common uniform for military workers across the world, and reached the mainstream fashion world in the nineties. Because of its link to the outdoors and it’s masculine feel, it’s been a constant popular choice for interior design for young boys’ bedrooms. Camouflage patterns vary in shape, style, and colour, so you’re certain to be able to find the print that’s best for your little one and your home. Use camouflage to add a bit of adventure and the outside world into your home.

We’ve explored camouflage bedding to show you how cool it can be. Take a look at these ten examples of camo bedding in popular masculine colours – blue, brown and grey – to help discover the best kind of camouflage for you:

1.Traditional khaki camo

gray como cover

For the most simple and basic type of camo, you should be buying bedding that resembles this straightforward and effective print.

2. Textured camo

Textured camo

For a more comfortable look with extra quilting, texture, and colour, you can’t go wrong with this blue toned bedding.

3. Understated camo

Understated camo

For a more grown up, masculine, and subdued camouflage look, go for toned down grey pattern instead of bolder greens and blues.

4. Sports camouflage

Sports camouflage

For the boys who are more interested in sports than the great outdoors, you can create a patchwork duvet cover featuring all of your little one’s favourite sports teams. If you’re handy with a needle and thread, you can even make this one yourself!

5. Toned down blue

Toned down blue

A more subdued alternative to the blue duvet above, the smaller print combined with grey and white sheets give it a more mature edge.

6. Traditional camo and cream

camo and cream bed cover

Add a cream backdrop to your traditional khaki camouflage to tone down the green and make it easier to blend into neutral and earth toned surroundings.

7. Pillows can be the difference

 bedding design

Instead of just thinking about bedding design, think about the shape of your pillows. Large pillows like this can be more inviting, and more impactful if you have a bold pattern.

8. Bold in blue

 Bold in blue

Keep your camouflage simple and bold with a simple blue twist on a traditional camouflage pattern, like this one.

9. Grayscale camo

Grayscale camo

If you have a minimal taste and want to keep your colour palette basic and cool, go for something like this cool grayscale camouflage print.

10. Grayscale against colour

Grayscale against colour

If you have a bold bedroom that you’d like to tone down but maintain a certain level of intensity, keep the camouflage but let your main colours shine through by sticking to an understated greyscale colour tone.

Maybe it’s time to reassess your opinions on camouflage and how it can be used for cool and quirky interior design. Would you ever include camouflage soft furnishings in your home?


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