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Cool Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Cool Bedroom Ideas For Girls is very essential nowadays because of the different design created in their own fashion and style . Girls are very particular of their own space in their homes. They enjoy a sense of independence and privacy in their bedrooms. Due to this, they pay enough energy and attention choosing the right decorations and design for their bedrooms. For those who are looking for cool bedroom ideas for girls, below are amazing designs you can choose from.

Most Girl bedrooms look vibrant and lighter for them to be inspired and might even brighten their day. Since we have different preferences and personalities, a collection of a variety of designs would help you decide what type of room you’d be comfortable with and what bedroom design’s and color are suitable for your taste. We have collected a couple of bedroom designs for girls to choose from or be inspired with. Others would prefer pink, green, blue or even light colors will do just to make their bedroom look simple but elegant.

1. Pink Accent Bedroom

Pink Accent Bedroom

Most girls love to have a pink accent on their rooms just like what is seen on the image above. This expansive room offers a contemporary look with consistent pink color on the bed, cabinets, walls, tables and chairs. Another highlight of this design is the gray and white pattern on the wall above the bed.

2. Elegant blue and White Bedroom


The design above provides an elegant and glamorous look on the room. There is a nice pattern on the black and white wall paper just above the head board. Take note also of the symmetrical pink mirror decoration on each side of the bed. Additionally, the color combination of gray, pink, black, red and white creates a relaxing feel to the room.

3. Glamorous Pink Bedroom Design

Glamorous Pink Bedroom Design

If you have teenage kids, you can design their rooms like the image above. With two side by side bedrooms, you will be able to save space. The varying shades of pink in this design are well-matched creating a glamorous and cool bedroom design. Notice also the pink shelving above the beds where books and other decors could be placed to add drama to the design.

4. Spacious Green Bedroom

Spacious Green Bedroom

For those who prefer a minimalist yet chic design, the image above could be a good choice. The room is covered with consistent green color from the bed, and sofa to the walls. Also, the light bulbs and chandelier improve the illumination in this room. With a spacious room like this, it would be a good idea to lessen the clutter by not putting too much things.

5. Modern and Monochromatic Bedroom Design

Modern and Monochromatic Bedroom Design

This modern and monochromatic bedroom design looks glamorous and sophisticated. The anemone chair on top of the bed creates a more dramatic appearance which also acts as a head board. The large scale floor tiles are very attractive just like the wall painting above the bed.

6. Circular Bedroom


For independent girls a design like this would definitely suit their taste. The combination of tranquil white and strong red provides a sense of stability to this room. The uniformly hanged frames on the wall are attraction as well as the crystal chandelier. The circular bed is also a unique way of expressing your creativity.

7. Elegant Green Colored Bedroom

Elegant Green Colored Bedroom

This green colored bedroom does not entail a masculine side but rather a modern taste of the girls of today. The platform is also consistent with the room color. Notice also the study or working area in the corner with elegant white table and lamp. Also, the suspended shelving could be used to display decors to enhance the look of this room.

8. Cool and Stunning Bedroom Design

Cool and Stunning Bedroom Design

As seen on the image above, a combination of blue, white and gray colors lead to a cool and stunning design. The shelving both above the study area and above the bed is a great way to organize your stuffs. The white carpet also creates a dramatic appeal to the room.

9. Cosy and Cool Bedroom Design

Cosy and Cool Bedroom Design

Above is a cosy and cool bedroom design. The pastel color schemes improve the beauty of this neat and stylish bedroom. The cabinetries are also covered with pastel paints that are glamorous to look at. Also, the shelving above the bed is convenient and efficient like the study area in the corner.

10. Gorgeous and Dazzling Bedroom

Gorgeous and Dazzling Bedroom

This gorgeous and dazzling bedroom has beautiful wall patterns. The mirror on the walk-in closet expands the size of the room. The neutral tone color of the bed and chair also creates a comfortable and relaxing feel.

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