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Converting your Attic into an Amazing Bedroom for Teenagers

Converting your attic from a storage room to a bedroom is now a very popular trend in interior design. There is lots of amazing attic bedroom design ideas in existence nowadays. It used to be that the attic is a room where you put all the stuff that needs to be stored away like old sofas and boxes of other stuff like old school papers and books.

However you can choose to turn your attic into a functional bedroom for your teenage off springs instead of hiding around things and clutter that should be let go. Here are some tips and attic bedroom designs which can be perfect for your teenage kids. Below are different ways of Converting your Attic into an Amazing Bedroom for Teenagers.

1.  Attic Teenage Bedroom

teenager bedroom in attic

Attics are usually very spacious, hence, when converting it to a bedroom you can be sure that it’ll be spacious and your teenagers will love it. And because of the space it can provide you can incorporate a study area to your attic bedroom. This will also be beneficial as they are away from noise and distraction, hence they can study better.

2. Scandinavian Style Teenage Attic Bedroom

teenage attic bedroomstyle

Situate the study area near attic windows for better lighting effect which can be perfect when studying in broad daylight. Let your childen decide on the design and look of their study area. Add shelves and drawers aside from the study table or desk for storage purposes.

3. Private space

teen bedroom space in attic

Alongside the study area, there can also be enough space for your teenagers to be able to nurture his or her talents and hobbies. They can have enough space for musical instruments or painting materials. Therefore, the teenager will be able to have private space for a bedroom/studio.

4. Music Themed Room

teen room with music theme

Design the attic bedroom according to your off spring’s personality. Additional touches which can come in the form of bookshelves if they like reading or space for dressmaking or musical instruments can easily win your teenagers attention. This way it will be easier for them to like their attic bedrooms.

5. Modern Attic Bedroom with Staorage

purple attic bedroom with storage

For teenage girls a closet can be the greatest demand they could ask for in a bedroom. An attic bedroom can be perfect for them because it is spacious and can accommodate a big closet which girls can utilize well. Put a built in wall closet big enough for all the storage needs of your teenage girls.

6. Personalized Charm


For closet space it is not really necessary to have cabinets with drawers and doors, your teenagers can opt for a long rack for them to be able to hang all their clothes which is also easier and practical. Easier in the sense that they can be able to find the clothes they need in less time. This can also add more personalized charm to the whole attic bedroom.

7. Attic teen bedroom with big windows

teen bedroom with big windows

Another amazing thing about having an attic bedroom is the windows. The attic windows can be a thing of pure beauty and aesthetics. For teenagers they will surely appreciate the big roof windows which can be perfect stress reliever as they can enjoy the view from their rooms.
8. Natural Light

attic teen bedroom with natural light

Through big attic windows more light comes into the attic bedroom making it more vibrant and cozy. The lighting effect can also trigger productivity to your children as they can do more assignments and hobby related stuff in broad daylight.

9. Teen Bedroom Furniture

teen bedroom furniture

Let your teenagers choose the type of furniture they want in their attic bedroom. You can also have them look over your old furniture pieces and have them design new furniture using the materials of the old ones. They can have vintage trunks using pieces of wood planks from your old furniture.

10.  Attic Bedroom Theme

bedroom theme

Also let them choose the design and theme of their attic bedroom. This way they can develop their ability to decide and know what they really like through choosing wall art pieces or bed sheets and fabrics. Also they can design their room according to their own will.
Before converting your attic into a bedroom ask your teenagers to work with you to be able to come up with a teenage bedroom that is cozy and comfortable. This can also serve as a bonding time between you and your children, letting you get to know each other better. Only then will you be sure and secured on the ease the bedroom would bring to your offspring.




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