Lightning drastically changes the tones of a blue
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10 Comtemporary Blue Rooms For Boys

Planning on decorating your boy or girl’s room in a contemporary style? Consider a color palette including blue. “Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the Deity to be a source of delight”, said John Ruskin. Blue is the most liked color by both men and women. It has the most complex symbolism of all colors, as its meaning changes with its hue. A dark shade of blue can “make you feel blue”, while a light shade can be reminiscent of the sky and the sea, inspiring tranquility.

Generally, the color is believed to be dependable and trustworthy. In business attire, wearing a dark blue suit is customary. The color is also believed to be royal, as aristocracy is blue-blooded. We associate blue with boys and pink with girls. However, in Belgium, it’s the other way around. If you are looking for color inspiration, you can find it in our selection of ten contemporary blue rooms for boys. Have a look, let the color blue seduce you.

1. Experiment With Tones

Blue and grey boys bedroom

A color palette featuring blue works wonders in boys’ contemporary bedrooms. Try to mix up different tones of blue, both light and dark to create contrast. Also, an all blue room can feel quite cold. Think about adding a few touches of warm color to neutralize this effect.

2. Interaction With Light

Black and white also seem to blend with blue seamlessly

If you are going for darker shades of blue, make sure the room receives plenty of natural light. If not, artificial lightning is always a solution. Try to find the balance between the two.

3. Gray And Blue Combined

White and light blue stripes make a sophisticated and colorful backdrop

Gray is a neutral and will always complement the adjacent color, borrowing some of its properties. When combining gray and blue, expect the first to gain a bluish tone. This boys’ bedroom combined nuances of gray and blue perfectly, creating a fun and balanced setting

4. Accents Of Color

Blue can also double up as a lovely accent color when used sporadically

This room works with a neutral dominated color palette, putting an emphasis on blue. The blue accents on the floor are communicating strongly with the gray frames on the wall, creating flow

5. Contemporary Bedroom

Contemporary bedroom doubles as an office

This contemporary bedroom doubles as an office. Supposedly, one spends a lot of time in this environment, therefore it should be inviting and comfortable. The blue color palette inspires calm and tranquility, reinforced by the sea picture of the wall

6. Warm And Cool

Nautical themed kids room

Every element in this bedroom contributes to creating a lovely nautical theme. Cool and warm colors are perfectly balanced. In a blue dominated room, manages to steal the spotlight with its intensity.

7. Combination

Bedroom with blue and white striped carpet

A bright red accent wall immediately captures the eye’s attention. However, its striking effect is counterbalanced by the rhythm of the blue and white striped carpet.

8. Lightning Matters

Lightning drastically changes the tones of a blue

Lightning drastically changes the tones of a blue. Natural light has a certain coldness to it. If your room doesn’t receive much of it and you want a natural effect, go for a white, neon light. If you just want to warm up the cool blue, try warm artificial lightning.

9. Touches Of Blue

Boys bedroom with a tinge of blue

A few accents of blue and your boys’ room will change in an instance. Depending on the shade of blue used, you can create a calm or cheerful environment for your child to indulge in.

10. Neutrals, Blue And Red

Red,white and blue bedroom idea

If blue doesn’t appeal very much to your taste, you can take inspiration from this lovely bedroom. Gray takes all the attention from the few touches of blue scattered across the room.

What do you think about using blue to decorate your child’s bedroom?


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