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10 Colorful Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Bedroom Ideas makes you more artistic in different ways by making your bedroom more beautiful and eye catching to people. Designing a teenage bedroom can be messy. You should make a teenagers room suitable to their personality so that they would like it. When you figure out the inspiration for this, it would be easier to design a teenager’s room. Any room can be thoughtful and stylish. Choose the furniture that will prevent clutter in the bedroom. Design or create a room where a teenager can sleep soundly, study properly or just chill out. There are a lot of websites that can help you find ideas for this kind of bedroom. But of course, if you are the parent, never forget to ask the teens on what they would like in their room or design in their room. If you are a teenager that their parents let to design your own room, you should choose smartly.

Here are some ideas in how you can design or create your own relaxing place.

1. Orange and White Colored Bedroom


This room has the dominant colors of orange and white. The room also has shelves to avoid clutter and to put some stuff like books. This room will be perfect for a bookworm.

2. Cool Teenage Attic Room

Cool Teenage Attic Room


The attic was converted into a bedroom. This is an excellent idea too. The room was extended to make room for literature and other reference books. The desk is also placed near the window which gives the advantage of having the largest source of light.


3. Blue and White Contemporary Room

Blue and White Contemporary Room

This room is perfect for siblings. The bunk beds with built in storage is a smart touch.


4. Contemporary Minimalist Styled Bedroom

Contemporary Minimalist Styled Bedroom


This room’s wall is made perfect with a touch of classiness. The owner can be deduced to like vintage because of the theme of her room and the stuff she has.

5. Musical Inspired Bedroom

Musical Inspired Bedroom

This room is obviously made for teens who like music. This room is in minimalist type of design. The furniture complements the room as well as the colors.

6. Simplistic Bedroom with Convenient Access on Study Table

Simplistic Bedroom with Convenient Access on Study Table

This bedroom is made for someone who needs a big space for studying or a workplace. The bedroom was also kept simple.


7. World Map Inspired Bedroom

World Map Inspired Bedroom

If you dream of traveling the world and cannot do it just now, why not design your wall with the world map? If your interests also involve with geography, this room is for you.

8. Classic Gardenized Bedroom

Classic Gardenized Bedroom

This room is enough for someone who likes music and having a computer. The colors blend in well. There is also room for storage to put your stuff.

9. Open Space Room Set

Open Space Room Set

If you like to read a lot, this room is for you. If you also love warm colors, then this is perfect for you. You can store as many books as you can in the shelves. The bed also had storage below it so you can save up space in your room

10. The Beatles Theme Inspired Bedroom

The Beatles Theme Inspired Bedroom

If you are a huge fan of The Beatles, you can make your wall a themed Beatle. Together with a road sign and exposed brick wall. Music and art is all about your life if you have this room. You can also have a telescope for stargazing. The colors complement each other.

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