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10 Best Teenage Girls Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

Any teenage girl wishes to have a good looking bedroom which is well decorated with different stunning color schemes that makes the room look more colorful and outstanding,also good beds with bedding and bed cover that gives a brilliant touch,storage,nice carpet,windows that brings in lots of natural day light and for when it is dark.A bedroom is a good place for resting and relaxing and it gives a calming atmosphere.

Therefore,below we have different 10 Best Teenage Girls Bedroom Wallpaper Designs. This gives any teenage girl an opportunity to choose any design of there choice they would love to have in there bedrooms.You can scroll down for father sight

1.  Black Lines Lime Green Wall Paper Design

girls room with study table

This girls bedroom has great décor and lots to learn from for those looking for ideas to decorate their teenage girl’s bedroom.  Like the mixture of lime green wallpaper and the dark furniture including the bed with zebra print black and white lines. The room has plenty of storage around  and the wall murals gives us the idea for the girl who loves music.

2. White And Dark Red girls bedroom with wallpaper

dark red wallpaper

Love the white bedspread and coloured gorgeous wallpaper wall around the headboard area .  The wallpaper and the carpet with black lines on the floor compliments each other. Not a lot of furniture in the room but available are two white bedside tables with lamps and the two mirrors on the sides of the headboard. The large window brings in light in this small girls bedroom.

3.  Eiffel Tower Paris girls bedroom wallpaper

Eiffel Tower Paris wallpaper mural

A white and pink teenage girl’s bedroom with Alfie tower Paris,white bedding with pillows on top that has the same color of that of the bed cover,a trank to the far end of a bed and a chair to the window side  where there is a study desk with a lamp shade stand on top good for a school girl for the room to look smart and there are many storage shelving.

4. Teenage Girl’s Bedroom With A Butterfly Wallpaper Design

Teen gil's bedroom

This bedroom is in blue and white with stunning  pink  and green color schemes that dominate to this room making it look more colorful and outstanding.The bed is positioned on the other side of the room where there is a window and the wall is in blue this side.A puppy decor positioned in the middle of the room sited right on a white sheep skin rag.

5. Simple White,Yellow ,Brown And Pink Flora Wallpaper Design

flora wallpaper design

Simple cosy girls bedroom with a nice fluffy white rug on the floor. The sleigh bed has a nice pink color and a purple headboard design against a white flora wallpaper . This girl’s bedroom comes with storage in mind , a white chest of drawer and a stool with storage space underneath where you could insert some storage boxes.

6. Jac interiors Blue Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Blue Teenage Girl's Bedroom

A teenage girl’s bedroom with a patterned wallpaper design on the right side of the wall and in front of the room right where the window is,the wall is in jacinteriors blue.The bed is positioned to the right side of the room with pillows that has the same color of that of the bed ,bedding,bed cover,storage below the window and a chair with a studding desk for the room to look smart and out standing.

7. Shine Pink And Silver wallpaper Design

black and pink girls bedroom Lovely shine pink and silver wallpaper on one side of the white painted wall . The black against pink and abit of white makes a really good combination of color accents.  The room is perfect for a teenage girl child.

8.Pink And White Flora Wallpaper Design

eye-popping floral wallpaper

A teenage girl’s bedroom with a white and pink floral wall paper design with a bit of green .The bed is in white with pink a bedding and headboard,a lamp shade on a bedside table on the other side of a bed. There is a simple modern white chair with some books  on the other side of the bed and a nice white rug on the floor.

9.Beach-Style Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Beach Style Bedroom

A teenage girl’s bedroom with green,blue and pink floral wall paper design.The bedding,bed cover and pillows has the same color of that of the wall paper,a contemporary window,a nice green and white patterned rag positioned in the middle of the room and a lamp shed stand is on the left corner side of the room on top of a chest drawer.

10.Teenage Girl’s Bedroom With Pink Floral Wallpaper Bathroom

Clarke & Clarke wallpaper in girls bedroom

A teenage girl’s bedroom with a pink floral wallpaper bathroom. In this girl’s bathroom,there is a white storage with pink flowers on top,a mirror stuck on the wall and a door that leads to a girl’s bedroom therefore the wall is in blue with windows,a bed is positioned in the middle of the room with white bedding,a pink bed cover across the bed and a pillow that has the same color of that of the bedding and the bed cover.

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