10 Indoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

People are changing and so is their lifestyle. The concept of living an extravagant life has really taken a roll. More and more people are investing in indoor swimming pools, whether it is in their house, or a club, or even schools. Swimming has always been a much cherished activity given its workout benefits and fun quotient- and the indoor swimming pools are a plush way to indulge oneself into the splash bliss sans the trouble of getting a membership. Added to the luxury factor, an indoor swimming pool also serves as a wonderful place for a family or romantic rendezvous after a scorching day. Indoor swimming pool designs can vary in shapes and sizes. Are you too planning to indulge into an indoor swimming pool? Well, that’s fantastic and here are some great ideas on indoor swimming pool for your inspiration.

1.   Beautiful Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming pool area with a fireplace

The picture shows a very beautiful indoor setting for an indoor swimming pool. The wooden structure and panels with glass that provide clear view of the outside beauty. The idea of little water jets and a fireplace further makes the whole look more sensuous.

2.   Sophisticated Indoor Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool design

The indoor swimming pool design in the picture is a very sophisticated one. The image itself speaks luxury and comfort. The all white space with very clean lines of seating creates a no fuss look.

3.   Stunning Swimming Pool

Stairs lead you down to an indoor swimming pool

The idea of having stairs that will lead you down to an indoor swimming pool is just so intimidating. Without any decor or furniture, the pool area still looks stunning.

4.   Pretty Huge Swimming Pool Area

Pool area with good seating space beside the pool

This indoor swimming pool area is pretty huge and has a good seating space beside the pool. This will be good for hosting parties and gatherings with the fridge and all other arrangements.

5.   Pool Cum Gym Area

Pool cum gym area with a glass in between

A pool cum gym area with just a glass in between them is oh-so-desirable . The dim lights and easy connectivity between them is the best for athletes and people who like to work out.

6.   Indoor Setting For A Swimming Pool

Swimming pool area with brown canvas laid back chair

A indoor setting for a swimming pool that is much more private and where you could spend a lot of quality time. The brown canvas laid back chair, the serene lights and the rugged wood flooring all are in perfect synchronization with each other. The best part is that you could just get out of the pool and sit and enjoy a good meal too.

7.   Simple Indoor Pool

Country pool design

Instead of spending a lot and doing a lot of decor, you could just do this simple look for an indoor swimming pool. Just the basic things- chairs, a good pool space, lights and a good view, and you are good to go.

8.   Dark Colored Indoor Pool Area

Contemporary swimming pool

If you are looking for something different, this dark colored indoor pool area is what you should try. The ceiling is black that reflects on the pool and the chairs have been made in gray to compliment the look. The walls have flame like lights that add a hint of drama to the pool area.

9.   Traditional Pool

Indoor swimming pool

A pool area where quite a few of you could relax. The combination of beige and white is the most classic one that works wonders in almost all cases. The hanging lights that look like lanterns look very chic and amazing.

10.   Long And Clean Pool

Traditional swimming pool

This is one of the most traditional designs for an indoor swimming pool design. Wood panels on the ceiling with glass walls and wooden frames that provide outside view and sunlight. The pool is long and clean.

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