10 Swimming Pool Landscape Lighting Ideas

Everyone deserves to have a beautiful landscape in their back yard or a beautiful peace of land that is part of your home yard. A well decorated yard with greenery, stylish and well maintained water features ,plants and trees could give a really amazing appearance and fresh look in your garden.  Your garden area could be a nice relaxing ever you can feel proud of you are creative enough. We have a collection of superb ideas with Swimming pool landscape lighting.  A swimming pool one of the refreshing landscape feature in warm and hot weather in summer. Adding beautiful and stylish lighting around your swimming area could mean having a swim at the comfort of your own home in day time as well as night time.

Landscape lightings around the area of swimming pool looks fabulous with multi colour lights, single lights, flashy lights and fluorescent. It gives a whole new dimension to the area. It is the big area which makes the lighting so wonderful. When surrounded with trees it looks as if a big party is being celebrated.

1.Reflection Of Pink And Blue Lights On Swimming Pool

Dark yellow lights acting as beam lights from under the panels give a reflection of pink and blue lights because of the tiles which are filled in the swimming pool. The guitar shaped swimming pool gives a new look to the place.

2.Brisk Lighting Of Yellow Colour

Brisk lighting of yellow colour from the ground of the trees gives a clear picture of the swimming pool with green water, wooden planks and the reflection of the light falls on the water. Small dim blue lights are fitted on the wooden plank.

3.Round Light Inside The Swimming Pool

Round light inside the swimming pool under the panel with small lamps jutting from the green grassy area gives a lake feel. Light inside the cave, under the ceiling of the shade and the in house small lights also gives a reflection on the swimming pool.

4. Light Fixed In The Stone Structure Of The Waterfall

Curved swimming pool with a round shaped tub beside it acting as a miniature pool shines bright with the light which is fixed in the stone structure of the waterfall. Lights are also fitted in between the low trees.

5. Round Small Light Fixed In One Side Of The Pool

In one side of the pool in the panel small round lights are fixed which illuminates the entire place with swimming pool, the potted plants which are kept, light fitted in the wall and a fire place is arranged in the middle which gives enough light.

6. White And Blob Like Small Lights

White lights in the side panel where inverted chairs are placed come out from the back. Blob like small lights can be seen in the water due to the water. Under the ceiling small round light is placed which also gives more radiance to the area.

7.Star Like Small Round Lights In The Swimming Pool

Star like small round lights in the blue designed swimming pool looks stunning. Other small lights are also fitted on the staircase which illuminates the place. Even the green trees shine bright.

8.Light In One Corner Of The Swimming Pool

Small bulb is placed in one corner of the swimming pool which is so effective that it gives light to the full place and fire seems to rise from the deep hole coming out of it.

9. Bright Orange Light Fills The Entire Place

Bright orange light fills the entire place. It looks as if it is a rainforest area which has caught fire. Burning fire is the idea behind the look but is much sophisticated in its lighting.

10.Simple Lighting With Lots Of Plants

White light just above the green grass lightens the area with other lights placed on the wooden plank. A bowl is kept on the tower light structure which gives out flame like light. From the tree top lights emerge and spread in the entire green meadow. Simple lighting with lots of plants.

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