10 Stunning Contemporary Private pool waterfalls ideas

The best way to decorate your house is by adding a waterfall and what more can you ask for if you have a pool and can set up the waterfall right on to the pool to add to the style and glamour. Also, it is a great way to use up recycled water and use for beautification purpose.

Pool waterfalls can be modified and used as per your convenience depending on the size of pool you have. They can be modified even more by adding beautiful lightings.  The collection of swimming pool with waterfalls ideas below are designed in different ways each with a modern look. Hope they can be of help to you.

1.Doherty Swimming Pool Waterfall Idea 


This design is suitable for medium to big pools. The only requirement is to have one high wall that could be used to make the water plunge into the pool. The water flows in two parts. A nice flower arrangement just enhances the beauty.

2.Contemporary pool waterfall idea


This is the simplest type of pool waterfall and can be used in different pools of all shapes and sizes. It has five smaller water jets and a bigger main one at the center. This fountain uses the same water over and over again and has minimal water wastage.

3.Modern Pool Waterfall idea


This pool waterfall has a very natural look. The source is created with some boulders that are easily available. The set up cost for this type of fountain is also the least. It can be used with small pools as well as the larger ones. Potted plants could be used to enhance its beauty.

4.Contemporary Pool Waterfall Idea


This pool fountain gives a cave like impression. The stony shelf is created so that the water plunges down from a higher surface and creates ripples all across the pool. This can be set up for all pool sizes but works the best for medium to large sized pools. You can keep creepers that grow on the stones for best effects.

5.Doherty swimming Pool Stepped Stacked Rock Idea


This pool fountain is built around a circular tub. The water flows from three outlets into the main pool. Stony steps around the round tub create a beautiful look. This set up also has no water wastage and are ideal for larger pools that have a thinner area in between for the tub to be installed.

6.Contemporary Pool Waterfall Idea


This pool waterfall is ideal for small pools and needs a simple motor. The water comes in three outlets into the pool.

7.Modern Pool Waterfall Idea


This pool waterfall is suitable for pools that are calmer. The water comes down the pillars that have a rocky finish and the light settings make it look even better after the sunset.

8.Contemporary Swimming Pool Waterfall Idea


This pool waterfall also needs a tub to be installed. The main source of water is the tub and the water flows in one major outlet.

9.Contemporary Natural Boulder Waterfall Installation Idea


This waterfall has a natural look and can use up the natural boundaries for the set up. This is ideal for larger pools.

10.  Pond Like Yard Pool Waterfall

pond like pool waterfall

When planning to build a new modern house building you might want to think of having a private outdoor swimming pool with a waterfall as it is fashionable and has a unique style. You could have a swimming pool you can enjoy swimming into with family in summer months right in your yard. How lovely is that?

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