10 Infinity Swimming Pool Designs

Infinity swimming pools designs are one of the luxurious swimming pools one can have as they are tailored to the amount of land one has to create them and sense of style one has too.  They are called infinity swimming pools because they are connected to another flowing body of water like a lake , river, sea or ocean. They are spaciously built and have breath-taking sense of style one can not resist once in.   Some of the infinity swimming pools that are on the houses built on a coast line or on top of hill are elevated offering beautiful views of the sea while enjoying a swim in them.

Infinity swimming pool are all about vast expanse of space and hollow structures that are lighted giving it a party look. Garden as well as other structures are applicable in the pool area. Here are some of the inspirational ideas which you can take a look at:-

1. Massive Swimming Pool

Massive swimming pool like the Great Bath with a dome like structure built opposite the pool surrounded with grassy area all over and flowers that blossom is also a reminder of the Mughal era.

2. Stream Like Water Body Which Has Blue Water

Stream like water body which has blue water in complete unison flowing all the way down with a top structure from which water falls down in steps is the highlight. It appears from the other side that there is no boundary on the opposite side and any minute the person can fall down.

3. Low Terraced Garden Swimming Pool In L Shaped

A low terraced garden swimming pool in L shaped with a small curved square having water in it fills the swimming pool. Two resting chairs are placed on the other side. Low fencing has been done for security.

4. Side View Of The Swimming Pool From The Stairs

Side view from the stairs shows a smaller version of the curved space of the swimming pool. Nude colour tiles are arranged in one side of the wall structure of the swimming pool as well as the top border.

5. Semi Circular Marbled Structure Of The Swimming Pool

A semi circular marbled structure of the swimming pool with foot print design is engraved inside the swimming pool. Three layer curved square is arranged in one corner where the water is placed.

6. Two Rectangular Pools Make A V In The Edge Of The Top

Two rectangular pools make a V in the edge of the top. The lower tank like structure has bright marbles which shines bright like a wild fire due to the yellow lights. A small structure is like a waterfall which makes the water seep down into the bigger pool.

7. Big L Shaped Pool

Big L shaped pool forms the entrance zone beside the stairs, outside the house and adjacent to the grassy area. Bright lights pop up from the down making the swimming pool area illuminated.

8.T he Swimming Pool Is Of White  Colour Tiles

The swimming pool is of white colour tiles and that is the reason of the water looking so pale. Yet it gives a big lake like view with lots of trees on one side forming a reflective backdrop in the water. A canopy is placed for resting with a sleeping chair like those found in Maldives.

9.  Narrow But Long Channel Of Water

A narrow but long channel of water which is not so bright because of the non existence of the tiles makes it less shiny. The channel of water leads straight down in the house. Side by there are twigs and water plants which grow.

10.  Small Swimming Pool With Dark Blue Colour

Dark blue colour of a small swimming pool is fully smeared with blue medicine it looks so because of the tiles. Polished tiles in the surrounding area with small cushion like seats and resting chairs with small candles are placed in the entire vicinity. The reflection of plant that is lighted is showcased in the water.

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