Artificial Waterfalls with Jacuzzi

10 Different Stunning Pool Shapes And Designs

10 Different Stunning Pool Shapes And Designs are a perfect add-on to your home exteriors if you want to instantly give it a makeover. On installing a pool you will realize that it has numerous benefits. First thing first, with the summers round the corner, who wouldn’t want to take a dip in the sparkling cool blue water? And if the pool is right in your backyard, things get even better. Next, you can be the centre of attention of your neighborhood by hosting fantastic pool parties for your friends and family. Last but not the least, you can always grab your favorite drink, a nice book and relax by the pool while soaking in the sun. Read on for 10 stunning pool designs for your backyard.

1. Asymmetrical Design Firepit Pool

Asymmetrical Design Firepit Pool

Set right beside a fire pit, this pool is grandness at its best. It’s shaped in an asymmetrical design, set on a base of stones, with an adjoining Jacuzzi. It has an artificial waterfall on one side and is inlayed in blue tiles.

2. Natural Lake Pool with Jacuzzi

Natural Lake Pool with Jacuzzi

This pool has been designed accordingly to give it the look of a natural lake. It has been tiled in blue and boulders have been placed to give it the rustic feel. A Jacuzzi sits right beside it to complete the look.

3. L Shaped Swimming Pool

L Shaped Swimming Pool

This L shaped swimming pool has quite a contemporary look to it. It has been tiled in blue and right next to it is a stone Jacuzzi also tiled in blue. The pool sits in a bed of natural stones.

4. Freeform Pool with Raised Spa

Freeform Pool with Raised Spa

This asymmetrical shaped swimming pool is as curvy as it can get. It is inlayed in blue tiles while compliments the grey bed of natural stones on which it has been installed.

5.  In-ground Pool in Free Form Shape

In-ground Pool in Free Form Shape

This is an in-ground pool in a free form shape, lined using blue river stone. Few features of this pool are fiberglass steps in blue, brick coping, raised spa, brick paver, ladder on deep end and deck planters.

6. Polynesian In-ground Lazy Oval

Polynesian In-ground Lazy Oval

With an attached Jacuzzi, blue inlaying, fiberglass steps, this sparkling freeform pool is sure a stunner. It is bordered in brick on a bed of natural stones.

7. Tropical Heaven Freeform Pool

Tropical Heaven Freeform Pool

With a look and a feel of a tropical heaven, this freeform pool completely gives you backyard a fantastic makeover. It has stone steps leading into a Jacuzzi while opens up into the pool. An artificial waterfall finishes the look.

8. Artificial Waterfalls with Jacuzzi

Artificial Waterfalls with Jacuzzi

A perfect setup where you can swim like a king, this pool is free form with artificial waterfalls here and there. You can also relax in the attached Jacuzzi with different water pressure setting.

9. Crystal Blue Pool

Crystal Blue Pool

This free form crystal blue pool is framed in brick and inlayed in blue river stone. It has a ladder on the deep side and an artificial waterfall on the shallow side.

10.  Fantastic Pool Backyard with Blue River Stone

Fantastic Pool Backyard with Blue River Stone

This freeform swimming pool is a fantastic add-on to you backyard with blue river stone inlaying, brick coping, brick paver, steps made of fiberglass. An artificial waterfall adorns one side of the pool.



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