10 Best Indoor Swimming Pools Designs

As a homeowner, you must ensure that you make the necessary arrangements for including a swimming pool inside your house so that your family members and you can enjoy swimming as and when required. Here is a list of the 10 best indoor swimming pools that have been designed exquisitely and gorgeously.

When we compare the outdoor pool to the indoor pool, there are some benefits of having an indoor pool like protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Aside from that, people can still swim with warm water in the pool during cold nights. Now let us check the 10 Indoor Pools we have gathered, designed by the brilliant designers. Scroll down the page and enjoy the amazing images of indoor pools below.

1.  Unique Round Swimming Pool Design

round swimming pool

Images source : architecture-view

This round indoor swimming pool design seems to be inspired by caves because the walls and pillar of the room resemble those of a cave. Plus there is a mini cave that connects the indoor swimming pool to the outdoor swimming pool. The brown colored chaise lounges just enhance the overall look of the pool.

2.  Indoor Pool

calming indoor swimming pool

Images source : architecture-view

What makes this indoor swimming pool very attractive is the mini waterfall structure that is situated at regular intervals all around the pool. Along with that, the plants add natural beauty to the pool. The blue colored brick pillars compliment the swimming pool floor design perfectly.

3. Luxurious relaxing swimming pool

luxurious indoor pool

Image source: interiorclip
Small and compact are the two words that superbly describe this indoor swimming pool that has a small, white colored diving board on one side. The pool is surrounded by trees and plants. There are also lamps situated near the pool. Your kids will surely enjoy swimming inside such a pool.

4.  Full Length Indoor Swimming Pool

indoor swimming pool
This particular swimming pool looks absolutely luxurious because of the smart use of mirrors and small bulbs. A simple rectangle pool has been made stylish with the excellent swimming pool floor and wall design.

5.Indoor swimming pool

best indoor swimming poolindoor
The indoor pool shown in this picture has been given an outdoor swimming pool look with the effective use plants and trees which extend and reach the roof of the room. The brick walls surrounding the pool look stunning.

6. Indoor swimming pool

indoor swimming pool with brown walls
Space utilization has been done very attractively. One wall of the room is made out of a transparent material so that outside view can be enjoyed while swimming. Another wall has the map of the world imprinted on it. One corner of the room has been decorated with hanging lights and reclining chairs. The roof has been designed very differently in the room.

7. Indoor endless pool

relaxing indoor swimming pool
The most unique feature about this indoor swimming pool is the use of wooden elements around the pool. The cane chairs absolutely compliment the wooden elements. Along with that the pool has been provided with an efficient pool cover.

8. Mole Hill Indoor Swimming Pool

mole hill indoor swimming pool
One wall surrounding this indoor swimming pool closely resembles the waves of the sea. The other walls have glass panes which give you the opportunity to enjoy the outside scenery. Checkered design of the swimming pool floor and wall is extremely chic and trendy.

9.Casa Sara Falcon modern swimming Pool

modern swimming indoor swimming pool
This is perhaps the most posh indoor swimming pool because there is a stainless steel staircase in this room that leads to another area of the home. Plus the deluxe curtains just enhance the luxurious look of this swimming pool.

10. Really calming warm atmosphere indoor pool

 calming warm indoor pool

image source: falconpools
The roof of this room is reflected splendidly in the water of the indoor swimming pool. The rectangle pool is surrounded by walls and floor made out of high quality tiles. The hanging lights add more charm to this indoor swimming pool.

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