10 Kids Night Lights With Wonderful Designs

Sometimes the perfect trick you need in order to turn the nursery into that beautiful ambience necessary for your little ones to fall asleep is just the right night light. They can create a pleasant, gentle and calm effect which can go a long way toward improving your kids’ sleep and health generally. For best results, it’s important you find just the right pick for your little ones’ nursery as dim lights can have little or no impact while too bright light can hinder the secretion of melatonin, which is the primary hormone that promotes sleep. Here, we have carefully selected night lights that not just serve their purpose but also keeps the monsters away while your little ones rest away.

1. Beautiful Elephant Night Lamps

Elephant Night Lamps

Get to choose from these cute elephant shaped lamps of 5 different variants. The lamps also allow you the luxury of 3 different dimming modes. This should be the right pick should you be wanting absolute control at all times.

2. Dinosaur Mini Lights

Mini Lights

These little dinosaurs can help send little ones into the Jurassic world by providing just the right amount of lights for the nursery while they fall asleep in the process.

3. A Little Lovely Baby Unicorn Light

Baby Unicorn Light

This little adorable unicorn is your baby’s best friend at night. It gives just the right illumination for a calm and sound sleep.

4. Children’s Personalised Night Globe

Personalised Night Globe

Should you be wanting a more personalized night light for your lovely kids, consider investing in this one as you can have their names included in a beautiful short sentence.

5. Mini Cat Night Light


This lovely cat gently sends your baby to sleep with its beautiful lights coming from the inside out. If you want a minimal, yet effective natural sleep inducer, then you should opt for this.

6. Zoo Light Chain

 Light Chain

Here comes a mixture of all your baby’s trusted companions illuminating just the ample lights for a sound sleep. Should you be a lover of variety, then this one is for you.

7. Ice Cream LED Night Light


The cuteness of this battery-powered night light is just immeasurable, its soft glow and timer make it just the right company for a fulfilled bedtime.

8. Lolly Glow In The Dark Kids Clock

Dark Kids Clock

This beautiful glow in the dark clock comes with luminous water-based ink that glows in the dark at light out. Not to worry about the clock, it is so quiet your kids wouldn’t have to hear it ticks.

9. Magic Spells Portable Book Light

Portable Book Light

Klevercase Book Light is the real deal when it comes to versatility. Not just does it serve as a night light or a reading light that allows you to adjust its intensity, it can also be folded into a personalized book shape that can be carried anywhere.

10. Vintage Bird Ceramic Night Light

Ceramic Night Light

Send your kids to bed as these beautiful birds perch over their nursery. The light is designed by BAMBIZI and is powered by batteries to emit LED lighting.