9 Unique End Tables Selection

While the perfect centre table can go a long way in adding balance and glamour to your living area and also the coffee table too, the end table can come in very handy when you have a large living area and to get things on and off the centre table be turn out to be a little bit tasky. Sometimes, the end table is seen as an overpriced piece of furniture and some people might not be aware of its cool uses and the ease they add to your living area. Say you are on a sofa and you need a spot to place your magazine, a cup of coffee or the TV remote without stretching forward to the centre table, the end table is just the absolute solution in this scenario. Here, we have carefully selected units which can add can add the much-needed wholesomeness to your home.

1. Contemporary Black And Gold Abstract Round Tables

Black And Gold Abstract Round Tables

Make your home come alive with this unit featuring a curved golden frame that supports a black circular table top which makes this end table the perfect unit for the modern home.

2. Accent Teakwood Table

Accent Teakwood Table

Naturally classic yet modern and completed with a circular transparent glass table top. Should you be looking for balance? Then you should opt for this unit.

3. Classic Round End Table

Classic Round End Table

Looking to be classic? Why not opt for this end table flaunting legs made with finished tree branches and a wooden table top. It can also be used as an alternative for coffee table in a small living area.

4. Midwest Tropical Aquarium End Table

Midwest Tropical Aquarium End Table

Be modern and versatile at the same time with this lush looking end table with a tank for rearing little fishes right from the comfort of your living area.

5. Glass End Table With Wooden Legs

 End Table With Wooden Legs

Here comes a stylish piece, yet simple and modern looking end table featuring a circular glass top with a crossed wooden base. To add glamour and ease to the side of your sofa or couch, go for this table.

6. Hexagonal piece


This hexagonal piece is good to go whether in work or living space. The little end table flaunts a 6-sided wooden top placed on a black metallic base to bring to this unique unit to perfection.

7. Bean Shaped Table in Curvalinea’s  New Scruffed grey

New Scruffed grey

Impress your guests with this little cute table featuring an orange coloured laminate placed on a plywood base. The legs are made of pure wood and appear to provide just the perfect balance.

8. Handmade Vintage The Last Supper Console Table

 Supper Console Table

Giving your living area that needed edge just got easier with this handmade console end table. It flaunts a glass table top placed on a wooden platform then comes the metallic base for support.

9. Bronze Look Geometric End Table


Give your living/work space the perfect finish with this elegantly designed end table. Should you be looking for ways to stand out from the rest, this end table can go a long way in helping you achieve that.