Unique Bunk Beds For Kids Bedroom

If you have kids say 2,3 or more who share and room and you are short on floor space for individual beds, then your best alternative is the bunk bed. Say you’ve made up your mind to team up with most modern-day mums and dads who see bunk beds as the “new cool” but just wouldn’t know which to go for then you’ve come to the absolute right place. Here, we have carefully handpicked 10 gorgeous and unique bunk beds that will make your kids bedtime nothing short of pure bliss. They are some of the trending choices you can find around, some of them have the class kind of look, yet they remain timelessly trendy and comforting like never before. Dig in.

1 Dog Bunk Bed With Stairs


Why not go for this glossy dog bunk bed with stairs for your next bedroom decoration to give your kids’ bedroom that cool and chic look. Its comforting mattresses are just what they need for a very good night sleep.

2. Premium Pine Bunk Bed with White Finish


Here are a study and a high-quality bunk bed flaunting a brilliant pink mattress and glossy frame. Should you be wanting a touch of class and quality in a bed, then this should be your pick.

3. VonHaus BOLTZERO Bunk Bed


If you are a lover of simplicity then this is an absolute pick for. This awesome bunk bed by VonHaus comes with a dark sturdy metal frame and all the benefits of BS-approved BOLTZERO™ mechanism to give your bedroom top-notch look.

4. Kids High Sleepers By TALA


Bedtime couldn’t be more fun with this very modern looking bunk bed by TALA which comes with staircases having room to store all your children’s needs. The metal frames also provide safety and make climbing fun and easy.

5. Julian Bowen Domino Bunk Bed

oak wooden finish bunk bed

This remarkable oak wooden finish bunk bed comes with an additional storage provision at the back of each bunk to give your kids that much-needed space for their stuff. The handle at the high end of the steps also makes it fun and easy to climb. It is the all-white variant of the domino bunk bed also featuring white mattresses, storage self and a metallic handle for easy climbing.

6. Westwood Bunk Bed Wooden Frame Children’s Triple Sleeper


Impress your kids with this lovely all-white wooden bunk bed having space in its lower park which can be used as a storage area. This unit is very versatile and is of top quality.

8. Derby 3 Tier Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

This one is a heavy-duty wooden bunk bed featuring two ladders one on either side. It is most suitable when you are short on space but have kids coming of age.

9. GFW Ohio Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – Double Bed Base and Single on Top

Double Bed Base and Single on Top

Should you be looking for something simple, yet durable and modern, then this unit with a metal slatted base having a lower bunk with a centre rail and two down legs should be perfect to go.