Design Room Based Clothing style- 4 Ideas Teenage Girls

As a teenage girl, how you express yourself is everything. From the clothes you wear to the music you listen to, most things you do and have are a reflection of your interests and personal style. When it comes to your personal space at home (such as your bedroom), this can also be an extension of your style! Maybe you have countless Pinterest boards of different ways you could style your room. This can be great, though it can also be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve pinned several different styles. If you don’t know where to begin (or haven’t put much thought into it yet), try using your clothing style as inspiration! This is a good place to start, and we’ve laid out four kinds of styles and décor ideas for teenage girls that you can take inspiration from to personalize your own room. Take a look below for ideas!

1. Girly


There’s no shame in liking all the girly stuff even when you’re a teenager. As everyone may seem to have grown out of their interests in pink, florals, and other irresistibly cute things, your lasting enthusiasm for it can set you apart.

If your style is girly, then you might have a collection of adorable A-line dresses, flowy skirts, floral shirts, and dainty accessories. Make that style evident in your room by splashing it with pinks and purples through things that take up a large amount of space, like your bed. To keep with the flowy style, try finding curtains made from a light material that can flow from the breeze coming from your window.

Then, go crazy with the accents by incorporating floral prints (such as floral throw pillows for your bed). On your desk, place some cute stationary and pens on one of the shelves. Additionally, if you have a growing makeup collection, use some of the extra space on your desk to display it!

2. Boho Chic


Coachella might only last for two weekends every year, but for a boho chic gal, it’s an all-year-round aesthetic. Bralettes, loose knit sweaters, flower crowns, linen shirts, and corduroy pants are probably abundant in your closet and often used in rotation.

Bohemian bedroom

rustic and bohemian bedroom

Translate this cozy aesthetic into a rustic and bohemian bedroom by finding ways to blend together different patterns and materials. If you’re into creative projects, consider creating a custom headboard for your bed made out of wood, wicker, or a fabric you like. This is a great way to have a unique focal piece in your room that doesn’t take up much additional space! Get a cute throw blanket with a fun pattern to place on the side of your bed that ties into other colors in your room.

Mood lighting is key to this style, so go all-out on fairy lights, lamps, and candles on every corner and wall. Put tapestries and printed rugs where possible and sprinkle some bits of nature with potted plants around the whole place.

3. Active & Athletic

Gymnastics Girls Room

If you’re one of those varsity girls who spends almost as much time in trainings as in classes, take influence from your active lifestyle for your room instead of your casual style. Maybe you’ve been playing softball since you could basically walk or you’ve made the competitive cheerleading team at your school. Either way, you’re probably in sports attire most of the time, so use that as your inspiration!

Maybe you can paint your jersey number on your wall, done in the same font with your team color as background. On the same wall, hang your winning jersey uniform to showcase school pride. If you’re a cheerleader, hang your pom poms where they’re clearly visible for decoration and so you don’t forget to bring them before leaving for school. If you’re passionate about a professional team or athlete, hang posters of them to motivate yourself to improve more on your chosen sport.

4. Experimental Hippie

As a teenager, it’s normal to feel lost about everything relating to your identity. You might still be figuring out your style, and your wardrobe consists of unique items that don’t all match together. You can be artsy one day, then girly the next.

source: Argos

This could be translated into your room by having collages on your walls of mood boards of everything that inspires you at the moment. Since your walls might be a little busier, keep your furniture simple with solid, neutral colors. A white desk, white dresser, and a light colored comforter can keep your room looking open and bright. As you develop a specific clothing style, you can slowly change out certain elements of your room to match that (perhaps you do a little DIY project and paint your desk).

Whatever your personal clothing style might be, try using it to inspire your bedroom look. Even if you don’t want to completely re-design your room, small updates like changing your comforter or adding different lighting can have a big impact!


Article Contributed by : Allena Rissa