10 Custom Corner Desks Ideas

Have you ever thought to find a nook in your home that belongs to you? Which becomes your companion in solitude and where you can work comfortably while remaining in your home. We have an answer for you regarding this, you need a dedicated space in your home which can be large or small. You need a workspace that is both utilitarian and comfortable. Working home can be very influential for your productivity as you feel yourself under no restraints. You can add glamour to this space with the help of colors, textures, light and masses making this space more effective for you. Adding a corner desk that fits all your requirements is a wonderful idea to complete this space. We are here with fabulous concepts to help you find a perfect corner desk for your space and here they are:

1. Half Hexagon


A straight slim desk fitted into a half hexagonal space is a brilliant idea for your home office. Space is well utilized covering the area above door with book shelves.

2.Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf

The corner shelf is a space saving and an attractive idea for small spaces. Glass desk with sleek white armchair and delicate decorative items looks fascinating. The whole space leaves a calming impact on mind.

3. Floating Corner Desk

 floating desk

A medium sea green floating desk integrated with a book shelf looks both practical and attractive. Desk facing the window also provides you a sufficient light in the daytime for your work.

4. Retro Nook

Retro Nook

A commodious book shelf covering the whole wall incorporates retro features in its design. A welcoming color is chosen to paint the whole shelf to boost your energy while you work.

5. L-shaped Desk

L-shaped Desk

A long L shaped desk incorporates two workspaces within it. Notes boards are designed on walls to keep your notes organized. A big storage shelf is given to hold your stock.

6. Comfy Space

corner working desk

A small space is brilliantly designed to incorporate all requirements of a workspace. A corner working desk is provided under an L shaped floating shelf. A comfortable sofa is given to take rest when you get tired of work.

7. Minimalist Corner


A very few and minimal elements are used to design this workspace. Contrast of dark wood desk and red leather chair looks vintage. This is the perfect look if you need a modern design for your workspace.

8. Classical Desk Space

 Classical Desk Space

A spacious room adorned with classical elements is a good idea. A finely designed traditional style desk reflects the wall ornamented with lovely paintings. Rustic color tones are best choice for traditional interiors.

9. Serene Space


No one can resist a space that is open to nature. A corner room with minimal furniture and color tones allows sufficient light and air to reach the room with its corner opening. Such spaces makes you live through the whole day.