Spanish Style Home Décor

Modernization is taking a new meaning with its dedication to the traditional design and details. The best example of it is a recent trend to adapt Mediterranean style architecture and home décor. Among this whole Mediterranean trend, Spanish Style Home Décor is getting very popular. It’s a colorful and pleasing design style which brings a mesmerizing and mystique antique touch to your modern home.
The artistic aspects of Spanish-Inspired home, its breezy color palette, tile roofs and plain thick limewashed walls are making it a very well –liked option these days. An amalgamation of rustic furniture with subtle colors in the background walls of Spanish décor is so enchanting that everyone want to follow it in their homes. But in order to incorporate this idea brilliantly into your home, you need to know the basics of Spanish Décor for which we present here the basic elements of Spanish Architecture:

1. Rustic Interiors with a mustard tint

 Rustic Interiors

A dining room decorated with Spanish-Inspired elements. From its Spanish carved Armoire to its antique gold chandelier, it gives a perfect representation of rustic interiors that is a pure reflection of Spanish Comedor.

2. Spanish Façade With Covered Balcony

Spanish Façade

Creamy white painted walls, clay tiled roof, a composition of arched and square windows, a fine use of light fixtures, grills and other details provides us an appealing example of Spanish Façade.

3. Tropical Landscape

Beach style house

Lush green garden featured with tropical plants and contrasting terracotta floor makes a very modern and fresh impression. A pathway leading to the main entrance makes you appreciate the landscape design and the whole architecture.

4. Spanish Classical Interior

Spanish Classical Interior

A study room with a contrast of vibrant colored chairs and dark brown wooden shelfs gives a very cozy impact. The use of decorative items, antique rug and lights made of rough-hewn iron adds extra Spanish flair.

5. Enticing Kitchen


The use of soft colors in the dining area and smooth marble countertop provides a contrast to the warm ceiling of kitchen. Dark wooden beams in the ceiling creates a rustic contrast with smooth plaster walls.

6. A welcoming Living


Ethnic Fabrics adorned over the sofas with a wrought iron chandelier hanging above adds grace to this leisurely space. An amazing use of travertine tile on fireplace delicately differentiates it from the rest of the space.

7. Lavish Double Height Area

Spanish style home

High Ceilings accompanied with a staircase is another important feature of Spanish architecture. It creates a feeling of grandeur and simplicity at the same time. It also creates lobbies to experience looking below areas.

8. A Soothing Terrace

Spanish Façade

A seating area is provided in the personal terrace to enjoy the solitude of space. Very simple furniture is provided to retain the calmness of space. The area can also be used for family parties.

9. Indoor-Outdoor Relationship

Soothing Terrace

Indoor-Outdoor relationship is also a key factor to make the spaces transparent within a house. Full height windows with high ceilings are provided to make indoor look even more spacious.