Sofa ideas for Small Living Room

Living room is a place in your house where you spend most of your time and sofa is the most usable piece of furniture in your living room. One thing that gives you comfort making your living room stylish at the same time. Sofa is an element of your room that gains most of the attention from the whole space so it should be functional and trendy simultaneously. Your living room decorated with relaxing sofas provides you a space where you lie when you come back home after working hard the whole day. It provides you a space where your family can sit together and enjoy some beautiful moments. To embellish your room with this accessory, you will find here some wonderful ideas with an exclusive variety in designs, colors and materials depending upon the size of your living room:

  1. Bright as a New Pin

small living area.

Muted grey polyester linen love seats with contemporary wooden end tables and aesthetically pleasing giant lamps is an amazing option for your small living area. A central round cane table goes well with the whole space.

2. Traditional Aura

bi seater sofa

A traditional bi seater sofa with maroon cushions and carved wooden end tables with delicate gold lamps is a perfect choice if you are looking for antique interior. Fainting couch on side is complementing the sofa.

3. Dynamic Ones

Sectional sofa

Sectional sofa fitted into the corner with vibrant cushions and a dynamic wall in the background is best if you have a small space. Brown leather criss cross stools make this interior look more contemporary.

4. Into the Background Hues

chocolate brown sofa

A combination of white tri seater Lawson sofa and a single seat chocolate brown sofa is an appealing idea. A central zebra print pallet foam table is a perfect reflection of its background hues.

5. Blue in Vogue

Day bed design

Single Lawson seats look refreshing in blue with contrasting white interior. Daybed with bolster pillows is a good element to add into your living room when you want to take some rest while watching TV.

6. Monochromatic with Polychromatic

Polychromatic cushions

Polychromatic cushions are adding life to a whole monochrome interior. You can lie comfortably on your sofa with a pallet foam footstool placed in front of the sofa you are sitting.

7. Subtle and Calm

comfortable bi seater sofa

A commodious tv shelf with a comfortable bi seater sofa and a single chair is enough for you if you are living alone and it can also play as your guest space. The overall ambiance of the room is very calm and relaxing.

8. Wood tapestry


A tapestry wooden sofa with variety of cushions and an organic glass table gives a transitional look. Both low shelf for keeping books and glass lamp are unique ideas.

9. Window Nook

Window Nook

Window nook with a mattress and fluffy cushions becomes an attractive space when you are looking for a quiet corner in your home to read a book enjoying nature.

10. Comfort in Leather

Comfort in Leather

Rustic brown leather sofa and a leather armchair with red console provides a compelling contrast. A subtle rug with motifs is balancing the sleek white walls.