10 Small Modern Bathrooms

Modern design theme is a perfect idea if you have small space for your bathroom. Modern elements are easy to handle for such spaces. You can adorn your space with sleek bath fixtures and smart storage spaces making them a design statement. Besides this, bold colors and textures are also an effective way to make your bath stand out. If you want to make tiny bathroom look commodious, you can provide skylight and larger windows to create an open space. To help you deal with designing your small bathroom, we have provided here some inspiring ideas and we hope that you would definitely find something according to your taste here:

1. Smart Medicine Cabinet

Smart Medicine Cabinet
Commode and floating vanity are fitted brilliantly into a narrow space. Medicine cabinet with reflective doors also act as a mirror behind vanity. A niche is provided under medicine cabinet as a storage space.

2. Low height Spaces

Low height Spaces
It is efficient to adjust space under stairs as bathroom like it is done here. The whole bathroom is painted in white with subtle floor to make it look open. Excessive use of mirror also increases the feeling of space.

3. Partial Glass Partitions

Partial Glass Partitions
A glass panel is used instead of whole shower cabin to segregate this space from rest of the bathroom. Low hanging lights are provided between vanity and shower area to increase luminosity eventually giving a spacious impact.

4. Sleek Storage spaces

Sleek Storage spaces
A pair of narrow rectangular basins is provided with a pair of mirrors behind them which allows a space for two people simultaneously. A floating cabinet is provided beneath vanities leaving a space above it to keep towels.

5. Compact Arrangement

Compact Arrangement
Both vanity and commode are arranged wisely within a compact space. The ledge behind commode is extended to the vanity to provide a space to keep toiletries.

6. Corner Shower Cabin

 shower cabin
A shower cabin is provided in the corner allowing rest of the space open for other purposes. A long and narrow storage niche is provided within cabin for toiletries. A console vanity is provided with a space to keep towels.

7. Efficient use of Cabinets

Cabinets and drawers can be efficiently used by creating a space within them for your electronic devices. This will reduce the clutter in your bathroom.

8. Light and dark Contrast

narrow and elongated vanity
Dark floor and ceiling are provided with lighter walls to create a dramatic impact in this small space. A narrow and elongated vanity is provided with free space beneath it for small items.

9. Parallel Arrangement

 Small wash basins
Fixtures should be arranged in parallel along the longer dimension when the space is small as done in this washroom. Small wash basins are provided within a long vanity to give a spacious impact.

10. Usable Walls

Walls are made usable with a provision of storage niches and hangers for an effective use of space. Fixtures are again arranged in parallel as the bathroom is narrow.