DIY Home Decor Sewing Projects for Your Living Room

In this article, you’ll find many reasons for not hitting your nearest home décor store. In the form of DIY home décor sewing projects for your living room!
You can accomplish quite a lot with a little bit of fabric and a simple sewing machine. And when the best serger for beginners is also a part of the scene, even better. That or the singer heavy duty 4432 sewing machine too!
So if creating stunning items for your beautiful living room is a priority, let’s get on with it already!
DIY Home Decor Sewing Projects for Your Living Room

#1 DIY Rainbow-Colored Floor Pouf

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First up is one of the most attractive modern sewing projects. If you want to know the most colorful things to sew for the home, this is it.
The rainbow pouf is a vibrantly exquisite home décor item to have in the living room. The multicolor theme adds all the whimsy your space might be able to make the most of. Particularly if the setting is a bit on the serious side!
You can use it as a comfortable ottoman, coffee table, chair, and footrest. Feel free to personalize the palette to your liking.
What makes the project even more fun is that it doesn’t demand too much money. All you have to spend on is the fabric. But anyway, here’s a list of everything you’ll need for the task.
Different shades of linen fabric, a half yard each.
A single yard of neutral-colored linen fabric.
3 and a half yards of the lining (duck cloth).
Fabric scissors.
Straight pins.
Bean bag filling.
Ivory thread spool.
Needle, hand sewing type.
Wooden buttons (2).
You can click here for the complete tutorial.

#2. DIY Inkblot Watercolor Pillows

Photo credit: akailochiclife

Inkblots are a huge part of home decorating sewing projects. And this DIY watercolor pillow explains why that is. Inkblots, after all, open the large door to many interpretations. And that’s the most dramatic aspect.
Such pillows can transform the look of your living space. There’s definitely no doubt about that!
And if you think you need a lot of creative stuff and skills for the assignment, you’re wrong. The list of supplies is quite simple.
White color cloth napkins.
Rolling pin and white paper.
Acrylic craft paint in various colors, the multi-surface kind.
Pillow inserts.
Paper plate, paintbrush, and some water.
Here are the detailed instructions you might find very easy to carry out.

#3 DIY Blackout Fringe Curtains

Photo credit: melo-drama

It’s time to get to know one of the most practical home sewing projects for beginners. Beautiful blackout curtains are hard to come by. Both online and offline! So why not create them yourself?
Making your own blackout curtains is incredibly easy. Because all you have to do is sew a single straight line. No wonder this project is ideal for beginners!
Just make sure you have enough fabric for the long panel. And for some extra flair, add vintage rope fringe at the top. Get to the source right here.

#4 DIY Dog Bed Cover

Photo credit: sarahhearts

If you have a dog, why not make his/her items to a part of your living room makeover!
Dog beds are always ready to receive an upgrade. A simple change of a cover can make the whole thing look new, fresh, and inviting. You can opt for a daisy print option like this one. Or any other print you’re fond of.
Just keep in mind to use a wrinkle-resistant, durable fabric. Such as polyester poplin. It’s also machine-washable. Apart from that, you require a zipper, thread, fabric scissors, pins, and seam ripper.

#5 DIY Giant Cactus

Photo credit: studiodiy

More often than not, DIY home décor sewing projects for your living room are fun to make. Especially if the task at hand is a replica of beautiful plants!
You can choose whatever size you want your DIY cactus to be. This giant plush piece is a better option as it makes a huge impact. Even so, the shorter version might look awesome too!
Supplies needed are as follows:
Green felt fabric (4 yards).
Green thread.
Any other color felt fabric, but it should match the basket.
Glue gun, hot.
Tall basket or planter.
Big terracotta pot.
Sewing needle, the hand type.

Here are some more DIY easy craft ideas for the home:

The End

So these are the 5 DIY home décor sewing projects for your living room I think you might like. All of them are easy, creative, and the least expensive to take up.
If you’ve got any more practical and attractive ideas, please do share. Creativity knows no bounds!
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