5 Ideas to Overcome a Cramped Living Room

Not all of us have the huge, sprawling living room of our dreams. For many, their living room is smaller than preferred. And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can feel tiny and cramped based on the type of décor you chose. We’ve outlined 5 ideas to overcome a cramped living room.

1. Add Mirrors


Image source : Soak

Mirrors do wonders for a small room. They reflect everything in their view, which extends the size of the room to the eye. They brighten up the room, grabbing available light and bouncing it around the walls and ceiling. And, the best part is that mirrors are relatively cheap.
You can get started by just buying some small mirrors and hanging them on a wall in a decorative design. If you want to go a bit larger, home improvement stores sell larger mirrors that are pre-framed and ready to hang on a wall.

2. Go with Armless Furniture


a small room, large furniture can really take up a lot of the available space. Not only can large furniture take up a lot of space, but furniture that looks “heavy” gives the appearance that the room is cramped.
One way to overcome this is by selecting armless furniture. Believe it or not, the arms on a chair or couch add a visual dynamic that really extend the size of the furniture in the room. Armless furniture still gives you the same amount of sitting space, but without the visual size.

3. Remove Clutter


Trinkets and little signature pieces can add a lot of color and personality to a room, but it can also start to act like clutter when space is limited. Try going with a more minimal style and remove all the clutter that you have in a room to open it up.
While you don’t want to completely change your style, you can make your living room look amazing with a minimalist style. You’d be surprised how much larger a room can feel when you get rid of some of the extraneous objects.

4. Clean your Closets


For a lot of people, cleaning and organizing their closet is the first place to start for opening up their living room. If your close is packed with useless stuff, chances are this will inevitably spill over into your living room.
Clean and organize your closet. Be picky about what you keep in a closet that is near the living room. Only keep what you need in this closet. And, try to cut down on the size of what you store. For example, perhaps a small stick vacuum is a better alternative to a big, bulky upright vacuum.

5. Paint Walls and Ceilings


Try painting your walls and ceilings the same color. While this might seem odd, it actually works really well to create a visual sense that the room extends for awhile. Our minds are used to having the separation of wall and ceiling, and by painting it the same color, you are telling it that it doesn’t have that separation.
Go even further by selecting a light colored paint. Darker tones close off a room, absorbing the available light and making it feel cramped. Light colors reflect the light and bounce it all over the room, giving an open and inviting feeling.

Not everyone can have a huge living room, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for a cramped, dull space. By following these tips, you’ll be able to brighten up your living room, and make it feel as large and spacious as possible.