6 Most useful Home Cleaning Innovations for 2019

Health and fitness go hand in hand. With more and more people getting conscious about their physical being, the health and fitness industry has come up with various user-friendly innovations for a better and clean living. Your health is not only related to working out regularly. The environmental conditions around you also play a significant role and a niche carved of their own in recent times.

The six most useful home cleaning innovations for 2019 discussed below, comprises of smart technology, appliances, and applications. These, when used wisely, helps you in keeping fit and living a healthy life in the comfort zone of your living habitat.

⦁ Air Purifier

Air Purifier

The latest innovation of an air purifier expertise in filtered airflow, while capturing the trapped gases inside your rooms. But then, it also has an additional attribute. It can keep rooms both hot and cold, related to the seasons. It is user-friendly and used all-round the year. The rooms automatically are kept under the desired temperature with the controllers. Firstly, there is an LCD updating the users which sort of particles the fan is sensing all the time. The laser sensors detect ultra-fine particles the fan is sensing all the time efficiently. The amount of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, like benzene and formaldehyde emitted from paints, burning candles, and furniture, are thus detected by the same. The third sensor measures the relative humidity and temperature while making your living healthy and comfortable. It comes with a 360-degree oscillating feature and a silent diffused-mode. The whole device is well-controlled via various air purifier application, which is a complete package in itself.

⦁ Smart toilet seat

Smart toilet seat

A smart toilet seat symbolizes a clean and hygienic way of living. The concept aims at keeping you clean and germ-free than the traditional methods while being environment-friendly. A soft night light fixed inside the seat, which glows in the dark. Temperature control switches help in regulating the seat’s temperature, according to your liking. An activated carbon deodorizer assists in the elimination of unpleasant odor. It is an all-inclusive smart innovative package, letting you control the odor, temperature, water pressure, and spray’s width. The in-built drier does the magic spell, as toilet rolls are never required. A remote controls all the features. Your toilet will turn into a hi-tech one with the same cleaning innovation.

⦁ Touch-less Waste Bin

Touch-less Waste Bin

It does not exactly come under the category of a ‘cleaning’ product. A garbage can is for sure plays a significant part in maintaining your heavenly abode’s hygiene factor. The kitchen of ours feels blessed with a Touch-less Waste Bin. With this waste bin, you have to stand in front of the same, and the lid opens! This whole thing is convenient to use, while you are busy cooking and both your hands smeared with mutton juice. It is also a significant aid for those having disability issues with limited movement. Little children at home also feel comfortable, as they do not have all the power to open the pedal-powered waste bins.

⦁ High-Efficiency Washing Machines

Recently, at many places the cost of water and electricity has had a steep rise, resulting in the scientific innovation of High-Efficiency Washing machines. This new kind of device helps in curbing water and electrical expenses. Less than half a liter of water used by the same. The dirty linens tumble around in shallow water rather than the traditional ones, where big water drums do a similar job. The spinners of High-Efficiency Washing machines work faster, which lets the clothes to dry up more quickly with less amount of water in them. The drying or spinning time is also less. All of these add on to your daily savings, mainly if you happen to be residing in a big family, where the washing loads is the maximum.

⦁ Microfiber cleaning dusters

If you are an advocate of using the best apparatuses and merchandise while on a cleaning spree, Micro-fiber is the best. This particular gizmo stands ideal for both household cleaning and any other cleaning services agencies. This innovative tool makes the cleaning task much more manageable. Fibers woven into duster works like magic in attracting dirt. It leaves no lines behind, as they are super porous. Approximately eight times their weight of the water can be held by them, making things like cleaning up a trickled water or drying the washed utensils in a snap of a finger!

⦁ Robot vacuum cleaners

As technology progressed, our house-keeping arena introduces the robot vacuum cleaner. It is supposed to be one of the most critical innovations in recent times. It is generally set-up under an automated schedule and does its work following the timer. Robot vacuum comes with all the in-built modern technology one can ask. It has an automatic dirt disposal facility. This robot vacuum remembers the house’s floor-plan while cleaning every room in accordance to its name. Smart mapping is yet another feature that enables the device to study, plan, as well as familiarise with a house’s floor plan orderly. If you are in a fix on how to get your carpets cleaned, you can take the services of professionals for Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning. With the help of the robot vacuum application and voice command, users can get their rooms cleaned! When it finishes the cleaning task, it empties its dust bag into the base, which has the capacity of holding 30 dust-bins at one go! It keeps the users at ease, while they can afford to forget vacuuming their house for weeks.

Think innovation and be innovative

When we try discoursing on technology and innovation, we, in general, try thinking about various things comprising of new gadgets or applications. These all make our life much more comfortable, as well as thoroughly organized. From green-cleaning and modernized equipment, we should try to be aware of the cleaning trends at all times. These six most effective home cleaning innovations for 2019 will help you to be at par with the same and experience a clean and hygienic environment all around you. Thus, think of changes and be innovative!


Article Contributed by : Ross Geller