Modern Living Room Designs For your Home

In the modern time, you need everything unique in its design. You also want your living room to be modern as it is the central space in your house where you spend most of your time. Sometimes besides being used as your family space, it is also used to welcome and entertain your guests. It becomes a reflection of your personality depicting your taste regarding whole house décor. Using modern elements to adorn this part of your house is an amazing idea as it allows you to give your space a wonderful appeal making it more functional. Modern living rooms can be warm and inviting retaining their sleek sense of style. We are sharing some ideas for modern living rooms in which there is something for everyone:

1. Naked Bricks

Naked Bricks
The room gives a warm and welcoming appeal with a use of both subtle and vibrant hues. A naked brick wall in the back of media unit and wooden floor makes the space look natural.

2. Open to Outdoor

Open to Outdoor
Again a brick wall with no plaster is used to make this space look enticing as the wall stands out of the whole room with achromatic wall art on it. A full wall window and skylight allows an excessive light to reach the room.

3. Double Height Spaces

Double Height Spaces
A double height area with an excessive use of glass creates a sense of openness. Black color defines the structural frames. Dramatic hanging lights are used to increase the aesthetic value of space.

4. Minimalist Approach

Minimalist Approach
An already commodious room is made look more spacious with an overall white theme. Media wall is left grey with a difference in masses to add contrast. A minimal use of furniture and decorative elements is a perfect way to create a modern space.

5. Warm Ambiance

An elegant room with a black sectional sofa and big round crystal chandelier provides a warm ambiance. Round mirrors with black frames is an ideal decorative element to embellish walls.

6. Cozy Space

Cozy Space
A fully padded wall with a fireplace engraved in it gives a cozy impact. Tightly placed velvet sofas, wooden center table, soft side tables and wine cupboard enhances the snugness of this room.

7. Breezy Rooms

Breezy Rooms
A room with white walls and white ceiling with a contrast of wooden floor seems an ideal option for people interested in sleek décor. A contrast of off white and grey sofas with central glass table looks stylish.

8. Mix use space

Mix use space
A wide space divided with the help of fireplace partition looks chic with its subtle hues. Copper brown curtains provide a delicate contrast with beige walls.

9. Transitional Decor

Transitional Decor
Room with arched windows and sectional sofa in the corner provides a transitional design. An overall achromatic theme is used making the space look contemporary.