Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom is one of the most essential spaces in your house as the beginning and end of your day is associated with this space. Along with a desire to embellish this space, you also need to keep it simple and less cluttered to soothe your senses. It should look modern as straight lines are in trend now and they provide simplistic and clean feeling. Use geometric shapes, neutral colors, minimal fixtures and sleek lines to make your washroom look contemporary. With the help of these elements you can create a space which can be both trendy and sophisticated at the same time. To help you decide a best option for your bathroom, we are bringing here some inspiring ideas:

1. Grey Walls

A contrast between shower and vanity area is provided with the help of differing textures and materials. A long slit window is provided to allow sufficient light to reach the bathroom.

2. Excessive Light

Tiles of muted hues are used for walls and floor. A wide space is minimally adorned with bathroom fixtures, a floating bench and niches to keep toiletries. Skylight is provided in shower area to enlighten it.

3. Light Partitions

A narrow space is brilliantly divided with the help of glass partition wall to fulfill two purposes. Narrow floating shelves for storage provided above WC is a space savvy idea.

4. Material Contrast

Grey Tiles are used in whole washroom except shower floor differentiating it with the help of wooden texture tiles. Glass partition is again used to make the space look open.

5. Identity in Color

Tile of similar color is used in the whole washroom to create an identity in the design. A difference is created by playing with the masses.

6. Vast Space

A vast space is handled very carefully and minimal elements are used to ornate this space to make it look modern. Round mirrors provide a best geometric contrast with straight vanity cabinet.

7. Space Savvy

Square vanity is a best element if you are looking for a modern bathroom design. Provision of ledge behind faucet is a unique storage idea for your bathroom.

8. Narrow Designs

walk in shower

A narrow space is best utilized by providing recessed spaces to keep toiletries. Warm lights are used to harmonize with neutral hues in order to provide an elegant ambiance.

9. Skylight Shower

Rain shower

Rain shower is provided in skylight to give a feeling of waterfall under an open sky when you take bath. Wooden texture tiles and indoor plants are used to further support the idea.

10. Floating Cabinets

A space is left between floating cabinets and vanity to use it as a storage space. Medicine cabinet doors are made of mirror to further make use of the space.