10 Mid Century Modern Homes

If you want to bring modernism into your house, then go for mid-century modern style architecture. This style incorporates ample windows with open floor plans which opens your interior space and welcomes the exciting outdoor nature in. This style would provide you classical as well as clean look with the use of minimal design elements. This style is enough to fulfill your functional needs providing your home an elegant appearance. It would allow you to use a variety of materials and colors from neutral to bold that will adorn your house in a way you have never imagined before. So, if you are compelled by distinguishing features of this style of architecture, then take a look at these inspiring concepts that we have presented for you:

1. Sleek Lines

living room
An interior with sleek and straight lines gives a very modern appeal. White walls with a contrast of wooden texture adds more purity into the space.

2. Combined Spaces

 Combined Spaces
A combined kitchen dining and living space always seems lively. Mughal Archway adds a traditional impact to the space. Cabriole sofa with tub chair and round table is an amazing option to make your small living room an elegant space.

3. Colors Popping out

Colors Popping out- midcentury living room
The whole space is adorned with vibrant colors and geometrical shapes. Hexagonal pattern rug complements hexagonal chandelier. Book shelf and media cabinet also synchronizes with the overall theme following geometrical pattern in its design.

4. Open to Outdoors

Open to Outdoors
A wide window and skylight allows maximum light to reach the room. Wooden ceiling and flooring creates an integrity in the design with contrasting white walls.

5. Glossy Yellow

Choosing yellow colored tiles and velvet curtain is a unique idea for your bathroom. Black and white floor and WC with silver towel stand creates a retro look.

6. Retro indoors

Wooden carved fireplace with abstract paintings in the background is a perfect choice for your mid-century modern lounge. Cogswell chair with arc lamp looks amazing.

7. Aqua Walls

Aqua color provides a beautiful contrast with white walls and coffee brown staircase, skirting and door frames. Bookshelf embedded within wall is a fantastic space savvy idea.

8. Bright Spaces

Bright Spaces bedroom
A whole white space with large expanse of glass on walls and skylight makes this room look bright and transparent to the outdoor space. Indoor plants complements the outdoor nature and adds a visual interest to this space.

9. Geometrical Kitchen Backsplash

White cabinets with contrasting black island counter seems wonderful. An achromatic geometrical backsplash adds a dramatic value to this space. Floating wooden shelf creates a contemporary appeal.

10. Contemporary Facade

A punchy green door is standing
A punchy green door is standing out of the neutral grey walls. A clear contrast of solid and void is provided with the help of louvers. Corner window follows the line of pitched roof to create a balance.