Mid Century Modern Curtains

Window treatment can become a focal decorative element of your room if you pay a little attention to it. Yes, we are talking about the selection of your curtains. A good selection of curtains influence your room to an extent that it can change the appearance of a whole room. When people think about curtains, only limited options come to their mind. Although the market is full of a variety of ideas to design and install curtains. You can choose fabric, vinyl, leather and bamboo to cover your windows and make them look aesthetically better. Mid-century modern curtains often hanged on rods with rings looks simple as well as delicate with their enchanting designs. If you are still undecided about the nuts and bolts of designing this accessory for your room, then take a look at these unique mid-century modern curtains which will surely help you:

1. Wall Cover

Pale yellow curtains with geometric design is an amazing choice for this full wall window. The window allows an excessive amount of sunlight to come inside which merges with the curtain making it even more beautiful.

2. Cottage Window Cover

pink and green curtains

A cottage window covered with a floral curtain creates a perfect working space in your home. A serene print in fabric is chosen to give an ideal country look.

3. Minimalist Drapes

simple white curtains

White louvered windows integrated with sleek walls are sheathed with simple white curtains to give a minimalist impact. The room is further upholstered with a contrasting red chair, black stand-alone lamp and a golden chandelier.

4. Retro Flair

Checkered print curtains stands out of the whole room in contrast to its peanut green soothing walls and simple furniture. The whole space is a perfect reflection of a retro style.

5. Wall Lengths

A small window covered with wall length curtain looks elegant. The whole design, from floor rug to bedsheet and bed back board to console table follows geometrical patterns to create a sense of unification in the room.

6. To The Ceiling

Black curtain provides contrast to the white walls and wooden flooring. Dark curtains are also a good option to block light to come into the room when you need your interior to be dark.

7. Within Parameters

Louvered blinds enclosed within window parameters emphasizes the frame of the window. Providing blinds within a window is a smart idea making your interior contemporary.

8. Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl louvers are perfect for your living area as they can be adjusted according to your requirement for light. These blinds are looking perfect with these modern hues and furniture.

9. Contrasting Colors

Dark brown silk curtains

Contrasting colors are used to adorn the room. Dark brown silk curtains looks best with white walls. Brown armchairs with multi colored cushions, teal sofa and carved end table are creating a high impact.