Decorating Your Living Room with Brown Fireplace

A living room is what actually can represent you taste of architectural designs to your guests in the first place. So isn’t it too important to leave just so. Besides an addition of fireplace is sort of a big deal now-a-days. So considering it as the demand of today’s modern architecture, a classic brown fireplace is a must for your living room.

A traditional Cozy design

 dark brown fireplace

A wide room including a dark brown fireplace with a TV fixed above. A large customary living can really look its best with beige colored walls and a brown wood fireplace.

Contemporary Living room

Contemporary fire place

An up-to-the-minute woody living room with amazing beige walls and brown colored ribbon fireplace. There is no tradition TV attachment above the fireplace. But still look, how uniquely gorgeous it is. Even the windows on the top for lighting are also the featured part of this look.

A standard metal brown fireplace

modern and attractive

This design is a great inspiration for a modern and attractive simple wood floor with a beige color for a comfortable and effortless living room design. The standard fireplace with metallic finish can add a great contrast with the help of the blend of sunken wood and dark brown fireplace.

Living room with a small work place

A part of your living room is never too old to use for a small work place. Even the combination of dark brown with the cream beige wall and furniture pops up the room with classiness.

Get it dark

classy fireplace

It’s the example of classic carpeted living room with beige walls. Also not to forget that amazing classy fireplace that’s slaying its place right at the bottom. The combo of Navy blue & dark brown couch with a touch of a little greenery is what makes a damn color scheme.

A classy ribbon fireplace

classy ribbon fireplace

The top trendy living room is here with white walls as well as a twist of ribbon fireplace. And also the beige rug also didn’t forget to add minimalism to that room as well. The all white colored windows and basic molding & ceiling light compliment the simplicity of each other.

White still elegant

dark brown fireplace

Huge span of glass alongside the rear façade help feel open to the extensive terrace. The brown undertone beige colored wall, carpet & couches with the mosaic table brings minimalism with elegancy. To give it a good touch of color the dark brown fireplace is good choice right there.

Rustic Living room

 stony fireplace

The gigantic rustic living room with rich colors in the picture with a traditional fireplace made of stone is what totally convey a pastoral look of living. Coziness with a cup of coffee beside the stony fireplace is what’s missing in that picture!

Sleek and polished


A Modern-day room with the combo of dark-wood floor idea with beige walls. And not to forget the metal fireplace to add a sleekness to it.

These top trends of living with brown undertone colors and cozy fireplaces are what the people deeply desire right now!