10 Living Room Ceiling Designs

While choosing wall paints, flooring tiles, windows, doors and furniture to embellish your home, you almost neglect ceiling. Although ceiling plays an important part to shape the aesthetic character of your room. Ceiling adorns your room creating an enduring impression of splendor. Ceiling is an element which can change the whole appearance of a room creating a focal point without compromising the space. Designing a ceiling provides you an opportunity to make your room look the way you want it to be. With the help of levels, colors, materials and lights, you can well play with the ceiling design to make every room look different from the other. Ceiling design varies depending on the theme of the room and the available space. So, here we are helping you to explore some ideas with our modern, impressive and rarely seen designs of ceilings:

  1. Classical Ceiling

Ceiling ornamented with a cool wallpaper and an antique motif around the light creates an awe-inspiring impact. Ceiling is further harmonized with its symmetrical furniture layout.

  1. Vibrant Ceiling

Painting your ceiling pink with a central chandelier is a fascinating idea. Creamy white cornice integrates the ceiling with the walls which are painted with soft hues to create a balance. Furniture and fabric also reflects the ceiling.


  1. Plain White Ceiling

Plain White Ceiling

The plain ceiling synchronizes with sleek white walls and kitchen cabinets. Ceiling involves least lines following minimalism in its design. Delicate furniture, subtle floor tiles and wooden stairs provide a best contrast.

  1. Drop Beam Ceiling

 Drop Beam Ceiling

Exposed ceiling beams complements the whole room and doing wonders to the interior space. Bare pipes painted in white running along the roof and floating spotlights looks organic.


  1. Flat Ceiling

A flat ceiling with provision of round led lights becomes a source of sufficient light to the room. The neutral colors of hard interior creates harmony with the achromatic soft interior.


  1. Neoclassic Ceiling

A flamboyant detail is given to the ceiling with traditionally designed white tiles that completes the space. A crystal chandelier blended with gold provides an intriguing ambiance keeping the classical flair.


  1. Cornice Ceiling

A plain white ceiling surrounded by cornice looks elegant. A central chandelier makes a graceful statement with a contemporary appeal. This provides a perfect option for modern interior.


  1. Mediterranean Ceiling

The beams are left bare to retain the organic look of the room. Bare beams are painted in dark brown leaving rest of the ceiling white which is further enhanced with molding to give a perfect concept for Mediterranean design.


  1. Mass Drop Ceiling

A central mass adjoining the bed wall is dropped down to create a level in the flat ceiling. Bed wall is cladded with dark teak wood and similar flooring is given to create a contrast with the ceiling.


  1. Tray Ceiling

Tray ceiling is given above the kitchen space to given an extra modern touch. The ceiling is further enhanced by adding a skylight along the perimeter of rectangular tray which allows sufficient light to reach the room.