How to Carry Out Antique Chair Restoration

Antique chairs are considered to be very expensive in our times and so there is a great value attached to the antique chairs. So whether you are planning to restore your antique chair to sell it off or to use it in your home or office to increase the aesthetic value of your property, the below mentioned tips will help you carry out this task.  Mentioned below are some of the important steps that will help you to be successful in this regard.


Consider the important markings on chair before you finally decide to buy:

One of the most important things of the antique chair is the quality of being rare. The more older and impeccable condition the antique chair is, the more the value attached to it becomes. You need paints, high quality gloss, proper chair coverings, wood sheets and markings on the chair, before you actually start with the antique chair restoration. Apart from this, the entire chair restoration must be carried out only under the supervision of professionals.  You need to spend quite some time in this regard and it is best to study about the history associated with the chair in order to come to best conclusions.

Disassembling the chair

One of the first steps is to dissemble the chair before you proceed with any work. You need to remember that you are working with antique products and are giving a personal touch to it. So make sure that this process is carried out in the gentlest manner so that no parts of the chair are damaged, or there is no stress on it of any kind. An important point to remember here is to carry out this work when you have a lot of time in hand.

The actual process of restoration

The actual process and work involves cleaning the glue of the chair and also replacing any broken nails or screws. Here you need to carefully collect all the pieces, and also make sure that you clean the old glue from all the key parts of the chairs. Make sure that you replace anything that is damaged or rusted in order to get the best results for restoring. Also, you must make sure to maintain the quality of the antique chair, after it is fully restored.

Treating the chair for exact antique chair restoration:

One of the first things that you need to do is to try to clean the chair parts with warm and soapy water. In this step you need to make sure that you do not unnecessarily expose the wood to water.


Using the semi-paste stripper

An important thing to remember about the paint or varnish is to not scrape it. Instead, make sure that you use the semi-paste stripper so that you can easily lift off the paint or the varnish. After some time it should be easy for you to remove the varnish or paint, but not scrape. If there is anything remaining then you need to make sure to use a brush that is specifically used for this purpose.

Appropriate tools

For all the above mentioned tasks you will need the appropriate tools for the task. Some of the tools are gloves, brush, semi-paste stripper, and screwdriver, hammer, and so on. Before you start the task you need to make sure that you have all these thingse. Also, using the right quality tools will ensure that there are no ugly paints, stains or varnishes that are visible on the parts of the chair.

Antique chair restoration can be fun and exciting experience for you, but for that you need a lot of patience and right steps in order to do it perfectly. The whole process of waxing, scrubbing and reassembling of old parts must be done very carefully to get the perfect antique chair restoration.