Houses Made Out Of Storage Containers

Making houses out of containers is becoming a popular trend these days. This technique provides a chance to make modern, simple and cost friendly houses. Another major benefit of container houses is that they are fireproof and they need low maintenance. Besides this, these modern homes also serves the purpose of emergency shelters and they can be easily transported from one place to another. So you can take your home anywhere you go. In short, this housing technique not only fulfills your design desires but also satisfies you regarding economy and environment factor. We are providing here a number of innovative ideas to use container as your house. And it is time for you to explore these ideas:

1. Within Indoors

container living space
This a brilliant example of how to manage your interior space in a unique way. This vibrant container is an amazing choice to enclose a bathroom within a giant indoor space.

2. Low height

Container Guest House
This blue container stands beautifully out of the surrounding lush green landscape. A wide door-window opens into the sitting podium to sit and enjoy the serenity around.

3. With roof garden

Single room container cabin
Single room container cabin is an ideal option if you are living a bachelor life. Roof garden adds more life to this already enticing landscape. Orange seating provides a wonderful contrast to blue container.

4. Container ceilings

Container ceilings
You would have never thought of incorporating such material into your interior design like it is used here. Using it to adorn your ceiling looks way too modern. The whole space shows harmony in its design elements.

5. Standing on pilotis

A container house standing on the pilotis seems light weight, delicate and modern at the same time. There is an elegant use of masses to give a character to the house.

6. Wooden Cladded

Wood cladded container is another unique idea to make your house look different and contemporary. Contrast of grey and black looks fantastic with wooden texture and dry landscape.

7. Rustic Facade

A floating container house gives a cozy appeal with its rustic timber panel cladding. Black steel pilotis supporting the cantilever increases aesthetic value of this house.

8. Box Room

A single room house looks sleek with its straight lines. A full wall window is provided to give a refreshing view of this verdant garden to the tenants of the house.

9. Open Platform

The house is again standing on wooden piers with a huge sitting deck provided in front of it. This deck provides you a relaxing space to enjoy your breezy and cold evenings.