How to Decorate Bedroom with Bulky Furniture

Minimalistic among us have to follow proportions to decorate rooms beautifully. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, though!

Use Furniture as a Room Divider

Some of the bigger furniture you might want to keep in your room are bookshelves or even a gun cabinet for safety reasons. Instead of putting them against the wall and just be a display, they can also act as room dividers when you arrange them alongside other big furniture.

As an example, putting them beside the bed will separate your sleeping area from the rest of the room. This is handy when you also have a workspace and closet in the same room to set apart spaces for different purposes.

Tip: This typically works best if you have a larger bedroom because of how you will be sectioning off the space in the room.

Install Floating Wall Shelves

floating wall shelves

Floating wall shelves maximize vertical storage without taking up any space on the floor. This can substitute for the big cabinets that only function as storage. It saves enough for other kinds of big furniture like couches and other lounging pieces.

Use Double Duty Furniture

Double Duty small space Furniture

Pieces of furniture that offer multiple functions are best to minimize the Big spaces don’t always mean better. Tiny houses, which are now glorified, prove there’s a charm to the simplicity of small spaces that are decorated and arranged with clever ideas. Making a small room efficient with big furniture is a challenge, but it’s not always a hopeless case.

Regardless of if you have a large or small bedroom, it’s not uncommon for it to look cramped up when it’s expected to be your sleeping quarters, personal space, and storage all at once. Incorporating tricks and hacks when it comes to décor and furniture placement may save you from the unpleasant sights.

From the kind of furniture you can bring into your room to ideas on how to put them together coherently, this guide should reduce the dilemma of fitting in space-hoarding furniture in your bedroom.

How to Decorate Bedroom with Bulky Furniture

bedroom with bulk furniture

Sometimes, big cabinets inherited from your grandparents’ house are too sentimental and special to let go off. Other times, those huge dressers from IKEA are your only option at having storage space in your home.

No matter the reason, we still end up with bulky furniture. Even the most amount of things you have to put into your room. Couches with hidden spaces to open up to a bottom compartment are great for doubling as a mini storage unit!

However, the other functions won’t always be obvious or built-in; you have to determine what other purpose a piece of furniture can serve you. Small drawers can be put beside your bed to act as a nightstand or the bottom of the bed can be used as a place to stack shoe-boxes in.

Paint Your Walls with Light Colors

light bedroom wall color

There are some illusory tricks that can be done with wall paints that alter how the room looks: bigger, longer, wider, etc. It’s always the same for light colors, though – the room always looks fresh and neat.

If you have the luxury to do so, leave at least one wall bare. This can help to lighten up the room, especially as the outdoor light is reflected into it in the evenings.

Opt for Hanging Lights or Wall-Mounted Lamps

The lighting setup drastically changes the vibe of the room. It’s not just the color or brightness of the bulb that does this, though – it’s the actual design of the fixture as well.

Hanging lights, even if they don’t have any decorative feature other than the bulbs, instantly create the illusion of depth, which opens up the room from the top.

Wall-mounted lamps do the same and they actually add to the room’s décor while being functional and space-savvy.

Consider a Murphy Bed

Murphy bed for small spaces

A bed that folds up to the wall doesn’t have to look like the murky and springy foams that you see on television. They can also be glamorous if done right, and the extra space it provides is worth it, especially if you have other bulky furniture in the room.

For most people, the bed is one of the biggest pieces of furniture in their room. If you don’t want to sacrifice the size of your bed by moving to a smaller one, a Murphy bed offers a good compromise. It can be DIY-ed too, so you can just transform the one you already have!


No big furniture is too big for a small room when you have smart ideas. Most of these tips can be applied to your room with satisfying results if you only plan ahead with a clever layout in mind. Knowing how to work with bulky furniture is handy, and add these tricks and your space will be cozy and calming.