Cuckoo Clocks For Modern Designing

A cuckoo clock is typically designed to provide a sound when your clock strikes the hours. It is a type of clock which provides an alarm with every passing hour of the day. Cuckoo clock can not only be used as a device for time but it can also be used as a decorative element to enhance the interior design of your room. Initially, the cuckoo clock designs used to be heavily carved but now it comes in a variety of sleek and modern designs. It varies in shapes, colors and its design features. Here, we are sharing some examples of uniquely designed cuckoo clocks which makes you have an idea of the decorative purpose of this item:

  1. Perfect Round Clock

Round Clock

A perfect round clock with a wooden texture provides a wonderful contrast with its silver digits and pins. A small white cuckoo bird complements the digits. An arrow with sleek lines is drawn to enhance the design.

  1. Modern Design Clock

Modern Design Clock

A small clock with a light wood texture base and black metal frame gives a modern appeal. Digits and pins are provided in varying colors remaing the base white to make digits look prominent.

3. Square Clock

Square Clock

A square clock looks elegant with its contrasting blue carved digits and pins. One of the digit is replaced with cuckoo bird. The pendulum is hanging freely under the clock.

4.Geometrical Clock

unique geometrical shape

The clock is designed in a unique geometrical shape. Even the shapes are used to depict the numbers on the clock. The cuckoo bird is concealed to make the clock look even more chic.

5. Hut Clock

hut shape clock

A simple hut shape clock gives a brilliant design with its sparkling red pins. Small hole is provided for cuckoo bird as it has a nest within the clock.

  1. Cuckoo Claws Clock

A square box with cuckoo’s claws marked as digits looks amazing as a clock. A small cuckoo bird on top depicts that it has walked the clock to carve its claws into the clock surface.

  1. An arrow Clock

arrow shaped clock

An arrow shaped clock looks contemporary while the red cuckoo bird sign seems like a warning which would highlight as well when the clock would strike the hour.

  1. Two Part Clock

cuckoo bird and clack

The cuckoo bird and clack are segregated to break the rigid design of clock. Cuckoo hut is unified with a box shaped clock. The clock is provided in three color options to shoe the variety.

  1. Twin Clock

Twin Clock

This clock provides a unique concept of time with which you can adjust time according to two different regions on the same clock. You can make yourself aware of the time of any other region where your loved one is residing with such type of clock.

  1. Achromatic Clock

A square is placed diagonally to make the shape look unique. Cuckoo bird is hidden behind a door which opens up itself when the clock strikes an hour. Jewel like pendulums adds value the design.