Corner Fireplace Ideas

The word fireplace makes you think of a cozy, comfortable and an enticing room. It is a necessary interior element for winter homes. It is a feature without which your living room looks incomplete. Besides keeping your room warm it provides you a very pleasing ambiance with its dim yellow light. It creates a romantic aura which soothes your senses. In order to enjoy this furniture element to its fullest, you need to find a perfect place for it. Room corners are considered to be the best location to design your fireplace. Moreover this, you also need a good design to make your room look more sophisticated. So it’s a time for you to take a look at the most inspiring corner fireplace design concepts. Here are some plush ideas to shape your fireplace and integrate it into your room:

  1. Travertine Fireplace


Fireplace following the line of pitched roof looks organic. Full wall windows continuing from the edge of travertine fireplace wall from both sides invites more nature into the porch.

2. Jet Black Fireplace

Different hues of black in varying materials are used to separate lines within the same wall. Black fireplace integrated with white media wall best reflects the achromatic interior of the room.

3. Contemporary Fireplace

fireplace and media wall

Incorporating fireplace and media wall into a double height wall is a neoteric idea. The whole wall is subtly divided using different materials. Wooden wall hanging above the fireplace with stone in the background creates a feeling of grandeur.

4. An Ottoman Fireplace

traditional fireplace

A traditional fireplace placed in front of a cozy furniture seems a best conversation space. Wood burning fireplace makes it look even more natural with earthy color tones of interior.

5. Mosaic Fireplace

Mosaic Fireplace

A candle-stand fireplace placed on clay tile cladded platform and enclosed by beautiful mosaic tiles is a perfect example of Mediterranean architecture. White lime washed walls provides an attractive contrast with wooden furniture and flooring.

6. Stone Fireplace

Stone Fireplace

Stone cladded fireplace draws attention making itself a focal point in the whole room. Wooden beams, bleached hardwood flooring and neutral color tones are used to make the whole interior co-ordinate.

7. Bohemian Fireplace

creamy white fireplace

A traditional creamy white fireplace is adorned with bohemian accessories. Fireplace mental is providing a display platform for decorative items. Striking colors are used in furniture to harmonize neutral walls.

8. Post-Modern Fireplace

corner fireplace

A corner fireplace taking up a little space makes itself a fascinating element in the whole room. It blends well with its post-modern interior keeping the space integrated.

9. Industrial fireplace

interlocking of simple metal fireplace

An interlocking of simple metal fireplace into the concrete walls looks chic. The interior keeps an industrial architectural flair with its bare pipes and beams. Straight lines are followed in the whole space to make the space look simple.